4th floor SF City Hall
Blowing kiss City Hall
Bride groom look
Bride groom sitting stairs
Bride groom wedding photography
Ceremony number
Checking in county clerk
Couple sitting on grand staircase
Dual windows City Hall
First Kiss after Wedding Vows at SF City Hall
Grand Staircase hug
Hand holding bride groom
Kiss San Francisco City Hall
Lift kiss outside City Hall
Mayors Balcony
Rings exchange

Catharina and Robin - SF City Hall Wedding Gallery

Catharina and Robin came all the way from Germany to celebrate their nuptials at San Francisco City Hall.  We had a wonderful time photographing their wedding and tried to capture their fun demeanor and great sense of humor.  They were interested in us capturing the architecture and beauty of city hall in their wedding photos.

After booking our City Hall PLUS package, we spent a considerable amount of time helping them with planning their wedding day and how we would cover their ceremony.  We often help our international clients with wedding planning so they can benefit from our knowledge of the whole city hall marriage process.  We are happy to include this free service as part of our normal coverage.

As you can see from the photos above, Catharina had a little surprise in store for all of us, red running shoes! She put them on and we did a few more fun poses with the shoes.  Great idea by her and it really enhanced the final photos.  Often times our wedding clients come up with some of the best ideas to personalize their pictures.  We are more than happy to help with them!  They were so happy with the photos, they ordered one of our beautiful custom wedding albums.

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