Hand holding bride and groom on the Mayor's Balcony
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
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City Hall Couple from Germany

Bride and Groom Holding Hands

I like this photo because it kind of looks like a secret photo taken from far away. That is the general idea of an image like this that actually goes beyond even what many people like to call "candid". The reason I feel that this image goes beyond candid is because the angle and the distance make it almost appear like a spy photo. We wanted to give the newlyweds the chance to just hang out on the Mayors Balcony for a while and just be themselves. We took a large number of these far away telephoto shots as the bride and groom interacted and walked together. I feel like this image has a different look and more importantly a different feel. This very cooperative couple flew all the way out to San Francisco city hall from Germany, just to get married in this amazing building! Our German bride later surprised us by donning red high top tennis shoes which she wore with her wedding dress. A very cute look and you will see some of the photos elsewhere in this portfolio album.