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San Francisco City Hall Slideshow Videos

We have provided you with a number of Slideshow videos set to music of some of our recent weddings. Enjoy watching these videos of San Francisco City Hall weddings. We can also provide our clients with something similar at their request. You choose the pictures and we create the show. Slideshow videos can bring life to still images because of the music and movement. Enjoy these fun weddings!

San Francisco City Hall Videos

These types of video slideshows are yet another way to enjoy your wedding images. It is amazing how much better the viewing experience is when you add some music to the slideshow. Many of these slideshows use something called the Ken Burns effect. This is an effect where each image moves within the frame. Often times, you are panned in or out, but sometimes the image twists and fades. We can fade slowly from one image to another with a gentle dissolve or display special effects in between images. In addition, the photos are put in the order of the wedding to help tell the story in pictures. I know I am biased as a San Francisco city hall wedding photographer but I really feel that these types of slideshows have more emotional impact than a normal video.

In fact, these videos are not videos at all, they are just a compilation of our City Hall wedding images in a nice sequence. It is even possible to combine both still shots and some short video clips to really add to effect. We can do these videos upon request for our brides and grooms, just ask. The pricing is super affordable and well worth it! They can also be shared on Social Media including Facebook, Instagram and others. In addition, we can save it in whatever video format you prefer. Truth is, we do not sell that many of these to our clients, but it is certainly a great way to watch a wedding photography session from start to finish. It is also a great promotional tool to use on a website.

We Can Create a City Hall Slideshow Video For You!

If you let us know that you want this type of slideshow before your city hall ceremony we will actually incorporate some short video clips into your show and no extra cost. These clips will include walking shots, fun poses and possibly a few short outtakes from your civil ceremony. Obviously it is helpful to know in advance that you would like a video, but not absolutely necessary. The only thing that will be missing are the short video clips. We also offer the option of taking an unedited video of your entire San Francisco City Hall ceremony. We simply mount the camera on a tripod and aim at the bride and groom. We even have professional microphone that we mount on the camera. Please note: Sound quality will be better with a professional mic, but will never be as good as remote microphones attached to the subjects. This is not included in our normal video coverage, but we do have partner videographers who can do this for you if you so desire. There will be an extra cost associated with partner videographers.