4th Floor Gallery romance
Bride cute hat
Bride and groom kiss daughter
Buena Vista Cafe
Cable car bride and groom
City Hall railing
City Hall Wedding
City Hall yay
Hand kiss
Kiss over daughter
North Beach hat shop
Ring exchange
San Francisco Wedding
White roses at reception
Tonys Pizza San Francisco
Walk Ghirardelli

Amy and Patrick - City Hall Ceremony with San Francisco Photo Tour

Amy and Patrick wanted our San Francisco Tour package, but also added some reception coverage. They had a relatively large ceremony by City Hall Standards followed by our photos around the building. The plan was to also visit Ghirardelli Square and hop on a Cable Car. We then finished up the tour with a visit to The Buena Vista Cafe for some Irish Coffee.

One of the fun things about this shoot is that their daughter joined in and we were able to get some great shots of her with the marride couple.  She was a real trooper and followed us everywhere.  Once we arrived at the reception location in North Beach we took some shots of the decorations, flowers, etc.  We then went on a mini tour of the Washington Square are including a very fun visit to the Hat Shop.  I have brought other couples there and it always results in some great wedding photography.   

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