Recently Married couple walks by Tony's Pizza San Francisco
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
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City Hall and North Beach

North Beach Wedding Photography

One of our favorite places to spend time in San Francisco is North Beach.  It is located in one of the best weather areas in the city and has plenty of old world charm.  The North Beach district can also boast some of the best Italian food anywhere.  There are old style Pizzerias and modern eateries.  Tony's pizza may be one of the most popular with lines out the door at all times during the day.  Another favorite is Sotto Mare which has the best fresh fish in San Francisco.  Some brides and grooms love to have photos taken of them walking around as you see in the image above.  No posing, no smiling at the camera, just walk through the neighborhood and enjoy.  

One of the things we like to do with our couples in areas like this is to just let them be tourists and follow them around taking pictures.  It's a natural way to get some amazing shots and keeps the newly married couple relaxed.  Other fun areas close by include, Russian Hill and Fisherman's wharf.  All amazing spots for San Francisco wedding photography.