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This wedding gallery page offers you samples of recent marriages photographed by San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography by Michael. Almost all of the City Hall weddings available to view on this page are specific events and not compilation galleries. The portfolios also have certain themes, which are apparent from the descriptions posted. We thought this descriptive summary might be helpful for potential brides and grooms trying to find wedding samples that are similar to their own SF City Hall marriage themes or colors.

It can be fun to get an idea of what your own wedding might look like if you have a common theme. We have also provided a detailed description of the ceremony check-in procedure but accompany it with photographs to help you visualize the process. So please enjoy the opportunity to learn more about our San Francisco City Hall wedding galleries and then feel free to click on the highlighted link to be sent to that portfolio. If you would prefer to choose a gallery by looking at a representative picture, scroll to the bottom of this page. for helpful hints on how to get married at San Francisco city hall, please click the link.

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City Hall Photo Gallery Descriptions

  • Wedding from 2019 with Short Dress. This is a nice example of our Golden Gate Package (2.5 hours and one additional San Francisco Location). This bride wore a short dress, so this would be a good collection of photos for a bride to see if she is planning the same kind of look. The posing of the bride is different due to the style of wedding gown. We tend to do more with the brides legs in terms of bending them and showing her shoes.

  • Latino Couple with Baker Beach Photo Shoot - This is a very recent (May 2023) wedding that occurred at San Francisco city hall. We started right into wedding photography and then captured their Civil Ceremony after we had completed most of the City Hall pictures. This worked out better for the couple's schedule. Once we were done at City Hall, we went to Baker Beach to get some great Golden Gate Bridge Pictures.

  • Krista and Tate with formal attire were recently married at SF city hall at New Year's time. Krista looked beautiful in her formal wedding dress. We just love when our couples go all out with their formal attire. We enjoyed utilizing her veil for various poses and pictures. This would be a good Gallery to view if the bride is planning on wearing a formal dress. The groom was also dressed formally and matched the bride nicely with a tux and boutonniere. This proves that San Francisco city hall can be a very elegant wedding venue. The couple fit right in!

  • Asian Wedding - Golden Gate Bridge is another really good example of our package that includes a second San Francisco location after City Hall. We took this couple throughout this historic building for fun wedding pictures and then escorted them to Baker Beach for more photos. The weather was very nice at the beach and we were able to get some great shots!

  • This Romantic Couple made posing them easy. In fact, many of the poses you see in their gallery were created by them and not us. We may have started them on the pose, but they definitely finished it. We took them all over San Francisco after they booked our City Hall Photo Tour package. Please check out their Slideshow Video. There are also other photos of them throughout the website.

  • This Asian Couple Gallery represents a fantastic photo session that started at San Francisco city hall and ended with a wedding dress change at The Legion of Honor. The bride enjoyed the transition from her traditional white wedding dress she wore at SF city hall to a cocktail dress for the final photo tour location at San Francisco's Legion of Honor.

  • This Green Wedding Dress really stood out and so we thought it would be great to feature it in one of our city hall wedding photography galleries. Click on this gallery to not only see this attractive couple's wedding pictures, but also to read our discussion about dynamic posing. It is a great portfolio to view if a bride is considering a wedding dress with color. This portfolio also displays how nicely colorful wedding dresses work at San Francisco city hall.

  • The architecture at San Francisco City Hall is one of the main reasons many engaged couple choose this historic building for their nuptials. This gallery is a compilation portfolio that only features architecture wedding pictures. This would be a helpful gallery to view if a couple really wanted to focus on the building architecture in their own photos.

  • We escorted Sarah and Toby to the Presidio in San Francisco after shooting their wedding at City Hall. Some of the photos featured in their gallery include one of our favorite places in the Presidio called Woodline. Woodline is a beautiful clearing in the San Francisco Presidio woods right along side of famous Lover's Lane. It's a fabulous place for wedding pictures or engagement sessions, especially if you enjoy natural settings with trees. We recommend Woodline for those couples that are more interested in woodsy outdoor shots and are not too concerned about San Francisco icons. Sarah and Toby wanted something out in the environment and the San Francisco Presidio was the perfect solution. Please enjoy their special wedding pictures.

  • LGBTQ Wedding - Asian Couple We really enjoyed this couple because of their fun loving way of handling our wedding photos of them. Whenever we asked them to interact, they made the most of it. No encouragement from us was required. Especially Amy who had us laughing along with her as we took them on their San Francisco city hall photo tour. Another fun couple and photo shoot. This is an example of our Elopement Package. No guests, just the 2 of them.

  • This fun couple from Germany flew all the way in from Europe just to have their wedding at San Francisco city hall. They had a surprise twist in store for us during the shoot. Click to find out!

  • Angela and Michael's wedding album displays photos overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge from Crissy Field and of course many pictures at SF City Hall. This couple was fantastic to work with and did a great job posing. This would be a great gallery to view if you were planning a San Francisco Tour Package and wanted some help figuring out the best places to go.

  • This City Hall and North Beach wonderful wedding was photographed at SF City Hall and then followed by a trip to North Beach and other locations in San Francisco. We love visiting North Beach with our couples and there is so much to do and see. Our fun wedding couple struck us as a great portfolio to feature because they were so energetic and happy. The bride loved to pose for the camera and we really obtained some amazing images. Another good example of our San Francisco tour packages.

  • This Russian Hill and City Hall shoot of Luca and Christine was one of our highlighted weddings of that year. They wanted to explore as much of San Francisco as we could within the 4 hour timeframe of the package they selected. We took them to Russian Hill, The Palace of Fine Arts and the Golden Gate Bridge and had a great time at each location. Luca promised to help me with my Italian and he actually did a little! I mentioned to him that I have been studying the language for a long time and hope to travel back to Italy soon. It is fun learning things from our couples.

  • Our final City Hall Wedding of 2021, was the end to a tumultuous year with the reopening of city hall and the Pandemic ever present in the background. This was a great couple and lots of laughter! We were so grateful to be at SF city hall photographing weddings again, so this is a special gallery for us.

  • San Francisco Tour Weddings are meant to be a complete experience and not just a wedding photo shoot. Frequently our couples have the time to just walk around the city like they were tourists and we just photograph this experience. We enjoy taking people on this tour and this positive attitude reflects in our work. To view any of these galleries please click the appropriate link.

  • Phoebe and Sean was another SF tour wedding. A very fun couple that we took to the Legion of Honor and elsewhere in SF. This Asian couple wanted to visit as many San Francisco destinations as possible ni the time alloted.

  • This Military City Hall wedding displays a couple that is about to be deployed overseas. The groom is in his formal uniform and the bride is wearing an elegant traditional wedding dress. We offer discounts for military weddings. This discount also extends to Veterans and reservists.

  • An Amazing Christmas Wedding is one you just have to see. Lots of creative poses and some great images with the famous City Hall Christmas Tree. This gallery would be a helpful guide to any couple considering having their wedding at San Francisco city hall during the Christmas season.

  • Our Engagement Portrait Sessions in San Francisco are another one of the many services we offer to engaged couples. We would love it if you check all of these galleries out! If you are interested in including a San Francisco Engagement session, here are some sample photos. Please ask us about our affordable City Hall packages that also include these engagement portrait sessions.

About Our San Francisco City Hall Wedding Galleries

The galleries above represent our best effort to show our future Brides and Grooms a wide variety of wedding coverage. We have combined videos, ceremonies, formal photos and even check-in procedures to ensure you witness all the possible city hall activities. We have decided not to just show you a greatest hits compilation from our best weddings, but instead we present a true cross section of the types of marriages we photograph at San Francisco city hall every week. In our opinion, it is very important that you have a thorough understanding of how your own wedding pictures will turn out.

Reviewing a compilation collection of 1 photo from multiple different weddings doesn't really give you that understanding. This is why we provide you at least 10 pictures per wedding and often much more. This, hopefully will allow you to visualize how your wedding pictures might turn out. If you want to see our "greatest hits" compilation gallery we DO have one and you can check out our San Francisco city hall photography home page. We have about 100 photos from just about the same number of weddings. This main gallery will also provide you with a good sense of wide variety of weddings we have done over the past 12 years at SF City Hall. Other compilation galleries listed above include our Architecture Page and also our LGBTQ portfolio. We will also soon be adding a Quinceañera Photo Gallery to display our work for these portrait sessions.

Experienced City Hall Wedding Photographers

We are one of the most experienced professional San Francisco City Hall wedding photographers and we would love the opportunity to help make your memories. When looking at other wedding photography galleries always insist on seeing a representative sample of one full wedding! Seeing the best shot from each wedding may give you an idea of just what the photographer is capable of and that is somewhat useful. However, you really need to see it all and from one single wedding. I recently remember being in awe of a certain bay area wedding photographer's portfolio pictures. Unfortunately, when I saw a few complete wedding albums, it was evident that the highlights were just that. If you need help evaluating City Hall photographers and the wedding pictures they capture, check out the highlighted link. We invite your comments and suggestions regarding our Gallery Portfolio pages.

Wedding Photography as Art

There exists many different types of art in the world and photography is just one of them. But within the photography world, weddings were not always thought of as true art. Quite fortunately, this has changed. With the new emphasis on documentary wedding photography, all of the rules have been altered. Before, it was just enough to deliver sharp colorful wedding photos to the newlyweds and you were considered a successful professional wedding photographer. The current technology available with digital photography and lighting has allowed the best wedding photographers to push the envelope more when it comes to artistic image production. Couples now expect creative wedding images with dramatic lighting and unique poses. The ability to instantly see the results of each capture has allowed us to take more chances with lighting and dramatic posing. In the past, photographers had to be a bit more conservative with lighting techniques because of the uncertainty of how the photo would come out.

Fortunately, being a professional city hall wedding photographer gives us many advantages in this regard. We already have some of the most artistic architectural backgrounds imaginable and amazing natural light streaming in from all directions. It is our job as photography artists to capture this, but still remember that the photos are mostly about the bride and groom. Yes, the bar has been raised when it comes to art in wedding photography and we think it's a great thing! We invite you to check out our City Hall galleries and evaluate our work not only as documentary wedding photography but also as art. We try to incorporate textures, colors and dramatic lighting to obtain pictures worthy of framing. Posing is also important and we always endeavor to suggest unique and fun poses for our newlyweds at city hall. Are you interested in Photography as a potential Career? Check out our Mentoring and Training page for professional photographers.

How to Learn From Our Wedding Galleries

I know that it may seem obvious how to use our galleries to choose us as your San Francisco city hall wedding photographer. However, we have found over the years that our potential clients do not always look at the most appropriate gallery for their wedding and situation. We figured this out by talking to them over the years and answering questions that we thought they would already know. We discovered that most of our future brides and grooms looked at wedding galleries towards the top of the page and then worked their way down until they had seen enough to make a decision.

As your potential future San Francisco city hall wedding photographers, we would advise you to look at the people, theme and time of year that best matches your wedding and focus on those galleries. If you are planning a Christmas wedding, then choose a gallery that represents that. Getting married in the summer? Look at summer weddings with outdoor photography included perhaps. We offer you a wide variety of galleries for this reason. The other more obvious suggestion it to try to find galleries that represent your plans in San Francisco for your wedding day. Planning on taking photos at the Golden Gate Bridge? Interested in really featuring City Hall architecture? We just added a gallery for that as well! See above, read the descriptions and then choose the best ones for you!

Click on the City Hall Wedding Photos Below

Many of our clients prefer to choose the galleries to look at by seeing a sample picture instead of a description. We are starting to compile links to all of our galleries by clicking on the representative photos below. We will be adding more soon!

Angela and Michael Wedding Gallery

Lindsey and Justin Gallery

Final Wedding of 2021 Gallery

Military San Francisco city hall wedding gallery

Krista and Tate Gallery at SF City Hall

Engagement Photo Gallery