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How to Choose the Best Reception Venue

How to Choose the Best Reception Venue in SF

This is a photographic guide to selecting the best possible wedding reception venue after your San Francisco city hall wedding. This guide was not intended to make specific recommendations about San Francisco wedding reception venues. Instead, we want to provide our clients with some useful pointers to help navigate through this all important decision. We decided to add this section to allow us to send this information to our many inquiring Engaged couples who ask us. It seems to be especially important and tough for out of town clients who are not familiar with San Francisco and it's many restaurants and party spots. When I went on the internet to research this, I discovered that there were many guides out there, but all of them simply made recommendations of specific places. I didn't want to do that, but instead wanted to help my client find the right place just for them. However, if you are looking for specific suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us. We will listen to your preferences and answer accordingly with actual San Francisco venues that we are familiar with. Also, we are happy to share our own personal experiences with you. So here are some important ideas and suggestions:

  • Talk to a wedding planner - You can even ask your photographer. Explain your ideas and desires and see what they recommend. Chances are they will have good feel for local venues that work well with City Hall weddings especially. Reach out to people in the business! Just make sure the Planner is a San Francisco expert.
  • The number of guests you have is important - San Francisco has a multitude of different sized reception venues, with many having limited capacity. I have heard many stories of brides and grooms spending a considerable amount of time researching a particular location only to discover that they cannot handle their guest count. Some of the older venues have limited capacity so check this out first.
  • Start with your budget - San Francisco wedding venues can be very pricey. Again, as with the guest count, make sure you can afford the venue before you spend too much time researching it. With Covid-19 restrictions still looming large many venues are not back yet. Check this too!
  • Parking is Important! - Many people who live in the city are accustomed to making due with the parking issues and cost. But if your wedding guests included out of town people or even others from the immediate area they may be tied to their cars. Just make sure the parking is adequate and not too expensive.
  • Food and Drink Issues - Make sure your venue has the type of food service you want. Do they allow outside caterers? Do they supply their own food? Do they charge extra for outside alcohol? Some of these issues may not matter to you, but it is worth knowing about them in advance. Alcohol issues can be a key factor. Make sure they handle drink service the way you want them to.
  • Coordinating Staff - Some San Francisco Wedding reception venues provide an in-house coordinator to supervise your event and make sure things go smoothly. Others just rely on the existing waiters, managers and bar staff to make sure your party goes smoothly. I would strongly recommend you choose a venue who promises you a point person will be in charge. This is the only way you will know if the things promised to will be delivered! I always ask if the venue coordinator will be present at the actual event. If they are sending someone else, I would keep looking.
  • Noise issues and Restrictions - This will usually not be an issue for San Francisco wedding receptions, but it is worth asking about. Do they have a curfew and are there restrictions on music, etc. It pays to check. Covid-19 restrictions should also be investigated.
  • Proximity to City Hall - This may or may not be an important aspect of your decision. Many of our clients like to choose Reception venues close to SF City Hall. In fact, there are a handful of reception site within walking distance! This could be fun! You will receive plenty of attention during the walk!
  • Visit the Site with a Friend - This one sounds obvious and it is not always possible due to where you live. If it all possible check out the site and see how it functions. I would especially advise trying to be there when there is a wedding celebration going on. This will give you a true feeling of the effectiveness of the staff and accommodations. At the very least, try to visit during busy food service.
  • Check Yelp Reviews - This can sometimes be a useful tool, but I would recommend making up your own mind using the other criteria discussed and than allow only reviews such as Yelp help you seal the deal in your mind. Its important when reading Yelp reviews to focus more on the comments and less on the ratings. It is all in the details! Some bad Yelp reviews are the result of particular clients who have an axe to grind. All of this need to be taken into consideration. If the venue only has 1 or 2 bad reviews out many, I would ignore it.

San Francisco Wedding Reception Venue with Bride and Groom walking in.

I purposely left the Yelp review step until last. I do not think it is a good idea to use Yelp or any other online reviews to make such an important decision. I prefer to use Yelp as more of a confirmation tool. Make up your own mind completely independently by following the above steps and also looking for recommendations from others. Then check out reviews to see if you missed something. I also found this useful guide from Brides magazine with some other great tips and pointers to finding a perfect venue for your wedding!

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