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San Francisco City Hall Military Wedding

We really enjoy photographing weddings when one or both of the participants are in a Military Uniform. The uniform works well at San Francisco City Hall because the colors help break up the neutral tones within the architecture of the building. SF City Hall is a beautiful and very photo-worthy building, but it lacks color, mostly because of the prevalence of marble and tile throughout. These gray and white colors can be a bit monotonous at times so dress blues really pop against that background. We also recommend a nice bridal bouquet for the same reasons at any San Francisco city hall wedding. It really enhances your wedding photography. We are always willing to work with our couples when it comes to choosing the correct colors and flowers.

Military Photography Discounts at SF City Hall

We offer nice discounts for military personnel for San Francisco city hall wedding photography. Please feel free to ask us how the discounts work. We like to honor our veterans and active duty military by providing this discount. Discounts range from 5% to 10% depending upon the package. Larger packages may be eligible for the 10% off, but it is more typical to save 5%. Certain times of the year may also lead to higher discounts for military personnel. This is true whether you are veteran, reservist or on active duty.

Back Lighting for this City Hall Wedding Photography image on the 2nd floor
Bridal Gown in front of the 3rd Floor Window at SF City Hall
Dramatic Lighting for this Hallway Image at San Francisco City Hall
Bride Laughing  SF City Hall Wedding Ceremony
Marine Sergeant Posing for Wedding Pictures in San Francisco
San Francisco City Hall Military Wedding - 4th Floor Image
Bride and Groom Making the Long Walk up The Grand Staircase
Military San Francisco Bride deep in thought in front of window.
Remote Off-Camera Flash Created this Dramatic Wedding Photography Image

Exceptional SF City Hall Newlyweds

We really enjoyed photographing this couple. They had a small group of family and friends and everyone had a wonderful time celebrating with them. San Francisco city hall is very underrated for it's ability to host a fun wedding party. Yes, it is a civil ceremony but somehow everything feels different here. The elegance and history of the building tends to affect everyone in a positive way. We always encourage our couples to arrive at city hall early enough on their wedding day to look around a little and not just rush straight to their ceremony. Any venue is worth checking out so why not San Francisco city hall? This also gives you some cushion in case you are running late. This military couple included a decorated marine sergeant who was still on active duty. He was going to be leaving shortly after the wedding for deployment if I remember correctly. We wanted to make sure they received the best City Hall wedding photography possible as a suitable send off! Let us know if you are in a similar situation and we will make arrangements to send you a large amount of preview images so you do not have to wait our standard 3 weeks. I know some couples would at least like something to look at before one of them is deployed. We pride ourselves in our willingness to work with our brides and groom to ensure we meet their needs. Especially those who are serving our country. We offer previews to all of our city hall brides and grooms and not just military personnel. Just ask! If we don't hear from you, we will assume you are OK with waiting.

Architecture at San Francisco City Hall

We all know how amazing the architecture is at SF City Hall and this couple definitely wanted us to capture it for their wedding. If you look at our particular style of wedding photography, we already tend to focus more on the architecture than most. When our couple makes it clear that this is important to them, we work even harder to put the focus and direction on the beautiful backgrounds and historical design. Of course we always make sure to include enough close up images of the couple to put the focus on them as well. If I had to define our style of San Francisco city hall wedding photography I would say that we provide our clients with a nice blend of architecture and close up images with emphasis on showing the beauty of the building. I would also say that our style is probably a bit more architecture related than most other wedding photographers at SF city hall. One thing for sure is that we always talk to our clients during the shoot and ask them what they want. We want to make sure we are going in the right direction to satisfy their preferences. If you are reading this and end up booking us for your SF City Hall wedding, remember that it is OK to make suggestions to us before or even during the shoot. We do not mind a bit and welcome your input. The important thing is that you are happy with the results. Recently one of the guests at a city hall wedding made some pose suggestions. She was concerned that she was showing us up by suggesting things we were not doing. I told her that the goal is to provide the couple with the best wedding photography possible and if her suggestions helped us to that goal, it's a win for all. We never let our egos get in the way of providing great professional city hall wedding photography to our newlyweds. How silly it would be to reject a great pose suggestion if it will help the bride and groom obtain better wedding pictures. It's not about proving who the best San Francisco city hall wedding photographer is. It's about providing our clients with quality photos no matter how we get there.

Other Wedding Photography Style Factors

Since we are discussing photography style, I think it is important to mention another issue that comes up frequently with our candid pictures. Many of our clients ask us in advance to take plenty of candid images during our wedding coverage. We are happy to accommodate this wish, but also must point out that with no reception or party, there are less opportunities for true candid photography. The best chance for this type of photography at a city hall marriage is during the check-in, the ceremony and then finally the hugging after. Once we begin the photo tour around the building, there are less chances, but we can create some. For example, we can do walking shots where we have the bride and groom hold hands and interact surrounded by the incredible beauty of the building. We can also sit them down together and just have them interact and make a few suggestions. There is a nice leather chair to accomplish this on the 4th floor. Not truly candid, but hopefully will create the look that you want! Our clients seem to like this approach, but let us know your opinion. We will adjust accordingly in order to make your photographic journey with us relaxed and most of all, fun. This leads us to our final and maybe most important style factor to mention... Making your city hall wedding photography experience fun. We really enjoy what we do and it shows in our relationships with our clients. It is not enough to just deliver amazing images to our brides and grooms. We want the day to be a fun and positive experience for you both.