Bridal Gown in front of the 3rd Floor Window at SF City Hall
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

The Back of the Wedding Dress!

You might be wondering why I put an exclamation point at the end of the title of this particular caption. It's really quite simple. Never forget to show the back of the wedding dress . Even if it means taking a picture that does not show the bride's face. We are always very aware that the bride took Special Care in choosing her wedding dress. Not just the front of the dress but the back of the dress also. In fact, for many brides the back of the wedding dress is more important so we always take a picture similar to the one you see above sometimes showing the bride's face and in this case not showing it. in reality it really doesn't matter as long as the back of the dress is displayed. In this photo I really like using the window as a backdrop because it looks like the bride has something to do while she is posing for a photo. What is she doing? She is looking out the window and that makes the photo seem more real and not just a simple way of displaying the back of her dress.

Another important attribute of this photo is the window itself. Only at San Francisco City Hall will you see beautiful Windows like the one on the third floor. This particular window is very popular among wedding photographers because it lets in a very soft Northern Light . In addition to this perfect photographic lighting is the fact that the window itself has a beautiful pattern to it. At certain times of the day you can even get some of these patterns to show on your couple by allowing the sun to shine through and reflect on the bride.