Back Lighting for this City Hall Wedding Photography image on the 2nd floor
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Back Lighting to Enhance City Hall Image

The photo above is an example of using a off-camera flash to enhance a San Francisco city hall wedding picture. Frequently we would use this type of lighting off to the side of subject at about a 45 degree angle which will provide studio type of illumination. However, in this case to add drama to the image we place the light behind the subject knowing that it would enhance the bride's veil. As you can see from the photo, the bride takes on a bit of natural glow which really helps create some Drama in the image. This type of technique can change an otherwise average looking scene into something much more compelling.

Another thing you will notice is the back of the Veil also is outlined nicely with the light coming from the external flash. One of the things we have to be careful about is to not have the light turned up too high because then you might get a loss of detail. In the photo above I like how the Shadows are eliminated in the background. I feel like this gives the wedding photo a cleaner look and overall enhances the image. We plan on posting other photos on this website that show these types of lighting effects. Feel free to ask any questions about any of these techniques especially as they apply to your own San Francisco City Hall wedding.