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Catching Ceremony Moments

It's not that difficult to take pictures of a San Francisco City Hall ceremony. The real challenge is capturing an image that has impact. One of the ways we do this is to wait for emotion to show on the bride and groom’s face. In this particular photo something happened that was amusing during the ceremony and the bride laughed and the groom smiled in response. I feel like a photo such as this says quite a bit about the couple. More importantly it will provide the newlyweds a wonderful memory of their ceremony as they look back and remember how much fun they were having while it was going on. From my many years of experience photographing weddings as a professional I have found that these types of photos are the ones that the couple always likes best . How do I know this? I know it because when the couple chooses their images for their wedding album they inevitably pick a large number of photos like this one. Everyone wants to remember their wedding as a happy time in their lives so capturing the fun that occurs is a key factor in exceptional professional wedding photography. We have been photographing San Francisco City Hall weddings for many years and these are the type of photos that get us the most excited . When couples look at our portfolios it's these types of images that they always request us to take. We are more than happy to oblige and feel like that is the true challenge of making a great wedding album for the couple . One funny thing is that in this particular photo the officiant is also smiling. This is just a bonus and makes the photo even better. of course there's no way to control this but when it happens it's fantastic. We happened to know this officiant and she's always in a great mood and does a wonderful job,