Remote Off-Camera Flash Created this Dramatic Wedding Photography Image
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Back Lighting Photography with a Remote Flash

This appears to be a fairly typical photo taken on City Hall's grand staircase. However, there is one big difference. For this image we used a remote flash to light the couple from behind. We placed the flash behind the bride and groom strategically so it would light up the veil and back light the couple. We used a professional flash that was radio controlled with a slave unit. As you can see, it creates a dramatic look that would not be there if it wasn't for the back light. It can be quite challenging to capture this type of photo and have the light balance just right. Our experience as professional City Hall wedding photographers helps us in that regard. We always love trying new things for our couple and we thought this really provided them with a dramatic image. For those of you not aware, San Francisco City Hall always decorates for Christmas. The centerpiece of this decor is the giant Christmas tree, which sits on top of the great Rotunda above the grand staircase. Many engaged couples decide to have their wedding during the Christmas season because of this tree. This military couple had the added incentive that the groom was being deployed soon so they decided to get their marriage completed before he left. We end up photographing quite a few military weddings at San Francisco City Hall throughout the year for these reasons. In case you're wondering, we do offer a 5% military discount for those who are actively serving. It is our way of thanking military personnel for serving us and their country. Check with us for more details on how to do this.