San Francisco City Hall Military Wedding - 4th Floor Image
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

Military Wedding in San Francisco

We seem to get a large percentage of military weddings at San Francisco City Hall. I think this is because in many cases the enlisted bride or groom often are being deployed soon. The idea being to try to get the wedding in before one of them has to leave. Of course city hall is the best place to do this because it is possible to get married here with little notice and planning. The Wedding picture above was one of these kinds of situations. It is a great thing to be involved and we really appreciated the couple choosing us to photograph their wedding. The City Hall portion of this marriage is pictured above, but there was also a huge party and reception that we also covered the very next day. The wedding reception was a very typical celebration with first dance, cake cutting, and great food. The couple was nice enough to invite us to eat and also cover the entire party from start to finish. In the photo pictured above our military couple is posed on the fourth floor North gallery, one of the most picturesque places in San Francisco City Hall to take photos. Amazing Natural light and beautiful architectural backgrounds are available throughout the space. As professional City Hall wedding photographers we really appreciate the opportunity to take pictures where no external lighting is needed. In addition, the natural light that is present is quite soft and golden. You can see some of this in the photo. I also Like the way the colors in the groom's uniform break up a little bit of the gray tones in the background. As I have mentioned elsewhere on this website, City Hall is a great place to take pictures but lacks color. Add some flowers and a nice dress blue uniform and you get amazing images that will provide the couple with lifetime memories. Our goal is always to show the love between the newlyweds and it is no different for a Military wedding. We provide military discounts for our couples who are serving, please ask us for details. This Couple took advantage of our 4 hour package let's that we split up into two days so we could cover their City Hall portion of their wedding and then the wedding reception. We do charge a small split fee in order to do this for our couples