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San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

Casual SF City Hall Wedding Photography

Sometimes it is nice to just pose the couple in a casual way at San Francisco city hall. Sure, we have all kinds of formal poses that we can ask our newlyweds do for us, but it is nice to mix things up a bit and keep it casual. One of ways to accomplish this is through "dynamic posing". This type of posing involves keeping the bride and groom moving during the photo session. This style differs from "static posing" because there is not stiff prearranged pose. We just ask the couple to interact in some way with movement. Sometimes we will have them go into a dance pose or have the groom spin the bride. There are many options to explore when ti comes to Dynamic posing.

In the photo above we pretty much just asked the couple to be relaxed and hang out. We knew that we liked the gold railing at San Francisco city hall so we placed them in that area and then just let things happen. This bride and groom were naturals anyway so it made it easy. These types of wedding photos can often have a bigger impact than a more formally posed image. I think the reason for this is because you see the newlyweds in their natural element. They look like they always do and not playing some part as a bride and groom.

Gorgeous Back of SF City Hall Wedding dress

Back of SF City Hall Wedding Dress

In the photo directly above, we display a beautiful wedding picture of the brides dress from behind. It is probably one of the few instances where we purposely hide the bride's face. For this picture, it is all about showing the intricate detail of the back of the dress. The City Hall bride's dress is also displayed prominently. We offer affordable professional city hall wedding photography to our clients and have been doing it for over 7 years.