Bride Kissing her Flower Girl Moments before Wedding Ceremony
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Special Moment - Bride Kissing Flower Girl

I love this photo because it shows the relationship between the bride and flower girl. I purposely blurred the background to put more emphasis on the 2 of them. I didn't want anything to get in the way of showing their closeness and capturing the special moment between the 2 of them. The key to good wedding photography is showing emotional moments and making sure the lighting in the background is adequate. In the photo above I did not like the background, but I had to take the photo as it presented itself. So I just went in later in blurred and softened the areas behind the main subjects. Also Please note that there is a mirror image just to the right and above the subjects. Again, this was included to emphasize this moment. I also like the bouquet showing in the image. I wish I could take credit for making sure the flowers were there, but it was just luck. The bride loved this particular capture and included it in her wedding album. We often measure how much a bride likes our photos by their inclusion in her final album. We have noted that many couples ask us before the wedding to include lots of candids and dancing pictures as we cover their wedding. However, when it comes time to order pictures, they don't choose many. Instead opting for more traditional images. This is why we always have to make sure we provide both types of images to our clients.