Hand kiss during wedding photography at city hall
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Pictures

Another great example of some of our recent wedding photography work at City Hall. We take our couples all around the building after their ceremony for a fun and exciting photo tour. We do various poses at each location and also allow the bride and groom to be themselves. We try to provide our city hall couples with a nice blend of candid and posed images for their wedding album. In the photo above, we added a touch of romance by asking the groom to kiss the bride's hand. Her reaction is really what makes this shot memorable!

Blue shoes on the Grand Staircase with Groom

Best Color Combinations Suitable for City Hall Weddings

The couple at this particular wedding wore one of my favorite combinations of attire that works well at city hall. As I have mentioned in the past, City Hall is an amazing place to take wedding photos, but it does lack color. The walls, floors, and ceilings are mostly gray and white in color. For this reason it's great when the couple has some color in their attire. Obviously, the bride's bouquet is a great source of color but in this case we have a groom who wore a blue suit. Whenever I am asked for color recommendations for City Hall weddings I always suggest blue for the groom because of the way it stands out against the gray colors in the building. The combination of a blue tux and white wedding dress really set these photos apart in a beautiful way. Amy and Patrick we're great to work with as we took them throughout City Hall on their photo tour. Everyone loves a black tux for the groom and so do I, but at City Hall this blue suit also works fantastically. The main point to this, is to try to add a little color in any way you can for City Hall wedding photography.

Action photo of bride and groom descending the stairs after their wedding