Groom Dance Dipping Bride with Kiss at SF City Hall
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Dance Dip Posing at SF City Hall

One of the poses we enjoy is having our couple do dance moves. In this particular photo, we asked a couple to do a dance dip. Not every one of our city hall couples are capable of doing this and we always ask first to see if they're interested. We will also vary the degree that the groom bends back the bride depending upon their wishes. So don't be concerned because we never force are couples into doing anything they are not comfortable with. In general, we try to keep our poses relatively simple and straightforward. If we do ask the couple and they agree, then we try to give them detailed instructions on how to safely do this type of pose. This bride and groom were actually quite good at it and we had to give them very little detailed hints. We always love it when the bride has a veil for this type of photo because it hangs down it looks very elegant and adds to the drama of the photo. In some cases we can even put a remote flash behind the bride and this will cause her to be back lit causing the veil to glow. It creates a very enhanced wedding photography image and one that couples always love. Creativity and comfort are the key to good city hall wedding photography. You want to place your couples in creative and fun poses but you don't want to go overboard and get too intricate. I think that wedding poses should be simple, elegant, and not overly complicated. If we notice that our newlyweds are struggling with a particular suggested pose we back off and try something easier. The more time and effort it takes to create a pose, the more strained a couple will appear in the final image. The message I want to convey here is that we will suggest fun and dramatic poses, but we always listen to your feedback and do whatever you want.