Wedding rings flower bouquet close up photo
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

Wedding Rings - Remove or Leave on Fingers?

We offer our City Hall clients the option of having us take a photo of their wedding rings. We can either take them off and take a photo like the one above or just do a hands shot with them showing. We prefer to get a nice close up shot like the one displayed here, but there are risks involved. Once you remove the rings from the fingers, there is always the possibility of dropping them or losing them. So we need to be VERY careful. At City Hall weddings, we are pretty much always with the couple so its safer to take them off. However, at a typical wedding reception we have to be more careful. Its important to not drop them or possibly lose them. I heard a story from one of my associate wedding photographers that actually dropped the wedding rings in the sand and they were covered. After some panicky minutes, they found them. Scary situation for sure!