Kiss San Francisco City Hall in Sepia Tone
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
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City Hall Couple from Germany

Sepia Toned Wedding Picture

This kiss happened at San Francisco City Hall and we were the wedding photographers that day. We decided to present this particular photo in sepia tone just to give a different look to the image. This couple was from Germany and they were definitely fun loving and adventuresome. They asked us for various images around the building including lots of candid and impromptu types of images. I have always thought that sepia tone is a nice way to display documentary type of photos. It gives us that old fashioned newspaper look which really creates a historic feel to the image. The type of wedding dress our bride wore is great for showing off the shoes and also for trying different leg positions. For example, in the photo above, we have her right foot behind her with her knee bent. This adds a feeling of movement to the wedding image. As you can see they are both posed in a very natural way and seem to be very balanced. We loved their fun loving style and tried to bring it out as much as we could in their wedding photos. In fact, after the shoot was over, the bride donned some red high topped tennis shoes which were really fun to photograph in her. You can see one of these photos below!

German San Francisco City Hall Bride with Red Tennis shoes.