Gold Railing Images at SF City Hall Showing Depth
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San Francisco City Hall Gold Railing

We love placing our couples along the gold railing at San Francisco city hall. It shows depth and color which helps make the photo have more dimension. After close to 12 years of photographing weddings at city hall, we figured out that this would be a great location to show this depth. One of the ironic things is that this is actually the handicapped railing which is probably part of the reason we never considered it before. Now it's one of our favorite spots. In this particular pose, we had our bride place her hand on the groom's face to emphasize their relationship. It shows the closeness and love between the couple. This image was barely posed, our romantic newlyweds did most of the work! We look for many things to make a great wedding image and San Francisco city hall seems to have it all. Depth, color and beauty everywhere you look. We love the fact that every time we come back here to photograph a city hall wedding we find new things and places to include in our images. The challenge is to provide each of our newlyweds with the images they expect, but also add some new twists.

Showing the Connection Between Bride and Groom

We wanted to show the connection between this bride and groom and I feel like this image does a good job. This is what separates the best San Francisco city hall wedding photographers from non professionals. A pro photographer will make sure that the photos reflect your love for each other and the special connection you have. We do this by catching moments and also creating poses that allow the couple to interact in a romantic way. Clearly, if we just captured a series of smiling face pictures of the bride and groom the romantic aspect of the bride and groom will not be highlighted. There is much more to this than simply having the couple look at each other or kiss. We try to engage them in a romantic way with hands and arms touching. Certain dance poses will also accomplish this as does the photo just below showing the couple both looking at their rings. Anything we can do to have the couple engaged in some activity together, we will try to do. It is all about trying to create memories and that is what we are paid to do!

Romantic connection between SF city hall bride and groom - wedding photography

More connection between the couple is displayed here as well.