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Dance Dip Pose at City Hall

One of our favorite poses we do with our brides and grooms at city hall is the dance dip. We always make sure the couple can do it safely and securely. We don't want any dropped brides. Out of all the poses we do, this one requires the most instruction. We even tell the groom how to stand to support the bride. Once this pose is completed, we often show the newly married couple to see how they like it. This give us the opportunity to redo it if they are not satisfied. We will periodically show our couples some of the images throughout our city hall photography tour to make sure we are on the right track. We feel it's important to involve the bride and groom in the process to some extent. We don't show them every photo, but we show enough to give them a feel for how it is going. It is a useful exercise because we will often discover things unknown. For example, a recent bride let us know that her intention was for all of the photos to show one particular side of her hair. Until she saw the images on the back of our camera she forgot herself. Lucky for us, she remembered at that point! This type of pose is not required and if you do not feel comfortable doing it, no worries. We never pressure or force our clients into difficult poses that are uncomfortable for them. There are also a number of variations to this pose. The bride can pick up her front leg and kick out a bit or she can slightly lift a leg to the rear of her. Also, the couple can look at each other or kiss. This will also accomplish one of our favorite things which is to have the veil hanging down away from the dress. This draws more attention to the veil and will also sometimes allow it to glow with back light. The final option that you see in the above picture is to have the groom hold on to the bride's leg.

bride and groom dance dip at San Francisco wedding