Wide Angle Photo Featuring a City Hall Bride and Groom
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

Wide Angle Photography at SF City Hall

San Francisco city hall is the perfect wedding venue for the use of Wide Angle lenses. Why? Because the architecture is so impressive, you just have to show it off in your wedding pictures. In many locations, only a wide angle lens will work if you want to feature this beauty. We encourage our brides and grooms to pose in areas where the background really is prevalent. Although that will occasionally result in a photo like the one above where the couple appears pretty small in the overall scene. In addition to these types of architecture based photos, we always make sure to offer plenty of close-up images. This helps balance out the far away ones. We never forget that most brides and grooms choose San Francisco city hall for its amazing architecture and overall beauty. Some also appreciate it's historic significance. The point is, that it is not just about getting married, but also about the building itself. Our client loved this photo to put along with the large number of close up shots we also took of them. Please note the amazing floor design that really stands out in this image looking down at the couple. This is why we use this particular image at San Francisco City Hall. The images taken down below the Grand Staircase are equally as impressive, but do not highlight the unique patterned floor. There are so many reasons to bring a nice distortion free wide angle lens to San Francisco city hall. They go well beyond just shooting pictures of the Staircase. The Rotunda and Mayor's Balcony both also afford incredible wide views worth recording.

4th floor wedding photography architecture with bride and groom

Another example above of wide angle wedding photography at SF City Hall