Dual Brides complete a funny wedding ring exchange
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
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Same-Sex / LGBTQ Wedding

Catching Moments at City Hall

The key to great city hall wedding photography (or any wedding photography for that matter) is catching fun or emotional moments during the big day. The important thing is to always be ready to take a good photo because you never really know when that moment will occur. Sometimes when you least expect it! In the photo above, we were just covering the ring exchange, which normally is pretty standard wedding photography. But at this particular wedding the brides spent a good amount of the day laughing or having fun. Because of this, I made sure to be ready for anything, even during the ring exchange. The officiant said something funny and made them both laugh and I was ready to document the moment. When looking for the best city hall wedding photographer, make sure they can show you samples of photos that capture moments! Especially those times when the couple shows emotion. One trick is to just listen to what is going on at all times. As a professional photographer, we are always looking to see what is occurring and that is a good thing, but it is also good to keep your ears open too. Many times you will be tipped off to something fun about to occur. Making sure you research the event properly beforehand also is helpful. This will let you know if anything special is going to happen and where it is occurring. This education will make a good photographer ready for anything. Lastly, keep your eye in the viewfinder as much as possible. Doing that allows you to anticipate the next fun thing about to happen. Never is this more true then during the ceremony. You have to be ready for anything, especially city hall nuptials that only last 3 minutes.

Wedding photography with darkness around the edges for effect.

Golden Gate Bride photo of wedding couple after City Hall