Beautiful bridal portrait san francisco city hall
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

Bridal Portraiture at City Hall

We always enjoy photographing the couple together at our city hall weddings, but there is something particularly rewarding about shooting individual portraits of the bride. Anytime we have plenty of time at one of our wedding photography shoots, take the opportunity to just focus on the bride. SF City Hall has so many amazing places to take bridal portraits that it can be hard to choose. We love using natural light for our brides, so we tend to take them on the 3rd floor by any of the North facing windows or on the 4th floor North Gallery. The photo above was taken on the 4th floor with the bride leaning against the railing. We find that this is a nice posing area and of course there is plenty of natural light with the large window on this floor. We will often lean the bride in such a way to flatter her looks and also make it comfortable for her. Charlene was a natural and so we took a whole series of fantastic portraits of her. As you can see, this particular image was photographed in Black and White. Even though it renders the flowers colorless, I like the way it makes her dress and hair look. Its a great photo of a great bride. Doing these types of photos becomes even more challenging when you have 2 brides at once to photograph individually. However, as I always say, this a nice problem to have! Again, the important thing is to not rush through the shoot and take plenty of time with each LGBTQ bride. We pride ourselves on keeping all of our San Francisco city hall photo tours at a nice even pace without rushing. The goal is to get the best photos possible, not the most.

Taking our Time for Wedding Photography

I thought this would be good place to mention our City Hall photography philosophy. We are striving for the best quality pictures we can deliver to our newlyweds. We never rush you through the building trying to see how many photos we can take. We strongly feel that the best images are created when the couple feels relaxed and unhurried. Our packages allow enough time to get the photos that each couple needs and wants.

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