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Why San Francisco? It's only one of the best places to get married in the USA. City Hall certainly ranks as one of the best venues in the city. We have been shootings weddings at city hall for over 10 years now and we always enjoy them. The couple above had their nuptials in this great building and then went out on the town to enjoy some of the great food available in San Francisco. But first they had tons of fun having their wedding photos taken by us. This particular pose had them both laughing so hard and it shows in the photo. We tried to get one of them to bend the other one back, but it didn't exactly work and they had a great laugh over it! I believe the question was, who was going to do the bending. They couldn't decide and then they started cracking up. Catching moments like these is what superior documentary wedding photography is all about. We create lots of posed shots for our newlyweds, but the moments in between can often be the best for capturing winning images. You really can't plan or create a picture like this, you just have to let it happen and then make sure you are ready to capture it. This is one of the primary reasons I usually bring a second wedding photographer with me to all of my San Francisco city hall weddings. It basically doubles the odds that we will catch not only romantic moments, but fun shots like this one. But getting back to San Francisco for a moment, it truly is a photographers paradise! You have this beautiful building to take pictures in both inside and out and then after you are done here, you have the whole city to explore. There are so many great places to photograph brides and grooms, including the Golden Gate Bridge and the Palace of Fine Arts.

Blurred edges City Hall Wedding Photography at the Grand Staircase