Grand staircase wedding photography at SF City Hall
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Same-Sex / LGBTQ Wedding

Reflection in Photography

San Francisco city hall offers many different locations to obtain reflection images. This is partially because of the beautiful Polished marble floors and the dramatic lighting. Sometimes when taking wedding photos on the 3rd floor we will get down to the level of the marble and get some nice reflective images. This is normally only possible under certain lighting conditions which most often occur in the early evening. In the photo above we took one of our typical Grand Staircase photos but noticed that lights reflecting on the floor in front of the brides. We made sure to back up enough to show the lights and also the slight reflection of their wedding dresses. One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Grand Staircase is the pattern on the floor just below it. This is why it can be quite unique when you can obtain a downward view of the floor and staircase. This really allows the pattern to show through. Whenever I take pictures on the staircase, I always use a stool to get me up a little higher so I am looking down more. It really adds to the photo, but also helps hide some of the people hanging out at the Rotunda. These are some of the advantages you will experience by hiring an experience professional city hall wedding photographer. We know the tricks and how to enhance your images. Some of this can only be learned through experience at the venue. I can't believe how far I have come compared to my first few weddings photographed here 11 years ago. We really enjoyed this couple and have followed their progress. Its great to stay in touch.

Couple kissing in the window at a San Francisco city hall wedding