Wedding Photography walking at San Francisco's Crissy Field
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

SF Crissy Field Wedding Photography

We so enjoy taking our couples to Crissy Field in San Francisco after their City Hall ceremony is completed. We would normally escort them around the building first for a city hall photo tour. Then we ask the couple where they would like to go outside of the building. Crissy Field happens to be a very popular choice. From the photo above you can probably see why. There are so many camera angles that you can use here to get great photos, it's truly amazing. Turn one way and you have a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. Turn the opposite way and the San Francisco skyline is right there in front of you. Crissy Field is at such a central point between the two backgrounds that you can really obtain great images either way. Adding To the fun is the fact that you also have the water right there in front of you and you can put the couple out on the rocks. We feel like there are plenty of rocks that are safe to put our couple on that makes for a great photo background. There are frequently sailboats out on the water too, which contributes to a nice romantic image. If You look at some of the other images in this particular wedding portfolio you'll also see the green grass Hills that we can put people on with the bridge in the background. This is yet another fun and unique background to use for wedding picture taking. In the photo above we asked our newlyweds to walk and hold hands along the shoreline while enjoying the beautiful day at Crissy Field. This walkway can get quite crowded with people so you have to pick the right spots. However, in some cases we even like to show people the background as a way to indicate that this is a real photo from the San Francisco environment. I thought it would be helpful to provide a summary below of the many options of picture taking at Crissy Field below. I have ranked them in order starting with the most popular:

  1. Green Hills photo with Golden Gate Bridge in the Background
  2. View of San Francisco on the rocks or path
  3. View of the water (San Francisco Bay)
  4. View of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Pier
  5. Walking shot along shoreline trail
  6. General shots on the grass in different directions

Feel free to ask us to incorporate any of these into your photoshoot. We can even do all of them! It is what makes Crissy Field such a versatile and fun place to take our city hall newlyweds.