1st look wedding photography image at SF City Hall
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Angela and Michael

"First Look" Wedding Picture

Most of our clients start their town hall wedding photography experience in the County Clerk's office after already seeing each other on the way in. But occasionally we get couples who want to do the whole first look special moment. We have excellent places in the building that we take people to help them pull this off. Once they start, we just let them go and take photos as they see each other for the first time. Nothing posed, just great candid wedding photography. In the photo above, the bride fooled us and actually had her father walk her in. It was almost like dad giving Daughter away. The funny thing, is that I actually tried to stop them at first because I didn't know what was going on. At that moment, the bride motioned to me, that it was Okay and it was their set up. So of course, I just went with it at that point and it worked out amazing. The photo above shows the moment they first see each other and embrace. Below is another photo that shows the First Look with Dad at San Francisco city hall for Angela and Michael.

First Look with Dad giving away the bride in San Francisco

Pets at San Francisco City Hall

Yes, many of our couples bring their pets to San Francisco city hall. Some can get in as a "service animal" and others we just photograph outside the entrance. In this case, their friends brought the dog after the ceremony and we went outside to get this shot and few others that were very cute. So glad the dog dressed up for the occasion.

SF City Hall Bride and Groom with their dog out by the entrance