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Getting married by the Bay Bridge in San Francisco? You absolutely need to hire a professional wedding photographer to help capture your event properly. It can be very difficult to capture the bride and groom in the foreground and still show the Bay Bridge. The balance needed usually requires professional lighting because of the sun on the bridge and the shade on the couple. A cell phone just cannot take this photo effectively. We use an umbrella flash on the couple placed off camera and then we balance the light with the ambient light we see on the bridge.

Cell Phones for Wedding Photography?

When you think about it, why even use cell phones for wedding photography. While it is true that cell phone technology has come a long way, there are still issues with lighting, composition and choice of backgrounds. In many ways I feel like the Advent of superior cell phone photographic technology has hurt wedding photography. This is because so many people now feel that they can just photograph their wedding with their friend’s cell phone. Back 20 years ago no one would dream of shooting a wedding with your friend's cheap camera. Now for some reason cell phones have come along and everyone wants to use them to photograph weddings. in my opinion, a wedding is one of the most important moments in your life so why take a chance with an amateur photographer.

Sepia tone cable car picture for San Francisco wedding