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The month of January is always our slowest time period for city hall weddings.   It’s in the middle of the winter and there is no special event or holiday in January.  December of course is always busy due to the Beautiful Christmas tree and brides and grooms just like to get married at that time of the season.  February features Valentine’s Day and we always have weddings right around this date.  Many engaged couples actually choose to have their nuptials on this romantic holiday!  Given this slight lull, I thought it would be helpful to take the time to discuss some of our favorite destinations in San Francisco that we take our city hall wedding couples.

Iconic San Francisco Destinations

We take our couples throughout San Francisco after our city hall wedding photography sessions.  We call these packages our “Tour” collections.  They  really are meant to be more like a tour then just a photo session.  We really want our couples to enjoy the whole process and not just the pictures they receive after the session.  Here are some of the best san francisco wedding photography locations:

Palace of Fine Arts

This is by far the most popular wedding photography destination.  Especially chosen frequently by our international brides and grooms.  It has a very large area for wedding photography with lots of options.  The beautiful building is obviously the centerpiece, but there are large columns  everywhere to use as a backdrop.  The only negative is the amount of tourists here.  Depending upon the time of day, it can be hard to find space without people looming in the background.  We always seem to manage however and will do our best to make it seem like you are the only newlyweds there!

Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco

Legion of Honor

Another popular wedding photography spot, but fortunately MUCH less traveled by tourists.  The Legion of Honor offers beautiful Beaux-Arts style architecture which  many of San Francisco’s older buildings possess.  We love taking our city hall brides and grooms around the inner open area and pose them between the gray repeating columns.    The light is also fantastic here from a wedding photography standpoint.  This is because you have indirect light that comes in from the side, but is also reflected by the neutral tones of the building.  Perfect for a rainy day as well because it is covered in certain spots to allow shelter.  If it is really pouring down rain, we could actually conduct a whole wedding shoot there.

The Legion of Honor
The Legion of Honor

The Golden Gate Bridge

This is an obvious one, but there are many options and decisions to make.  We try to help our newly married couples decide by providing them with the best possible information and ideas.  Late in the afternoon you can approach the bridge from the ocean by Baker Beach.  This provides nice warm light on the bridge and enhances the colors.  Earlier in the morning, we often like to take pictures of our brides and grooms from the San Francisco Bay side of the bridge.  This will often provide very nice dimensional lighting on the Golden Gate.  Listed below are some of the most common angles to approach wedding photography of the bridge.  We are happy to discuss these options with the bride and groom and determine the best San Francisco locations based upon weather and the time of the day.

  • Baker Beach
  • Crissy Field
  • Fort Point
  • Legion of Honor
  • 17th Hole of Lincoln Park
  • Fort Baker
  • Lands End
  • Battery East Vista
  • Golden Gate Overlook
  • Marin County side
Baker Beach Angle
Baker Beach Angle
Crissy Field Angle
Crissy Field Angle
Fort Point Angle
Fort Point Angle

Downtown San Francisco – Bay Bridge

Another favorite spot and becoming ever more popular.  We seem to end up in this area quite frequently for photos.  Part of the reason for this is that there are so many great places to eat along the Embarcadero so many of our clients want us to cover their  wedding reception after their city hall ceremony.  Once we are in the area, it is natural to take the newlyweds on a photo tour of the nearby sites.  Pier 7, the Bay  Bridge and Cupid’s Arrow are just a few of the spots available to photograph you.  We can also just have your walk around the downtown area and grab candid photos of you both enjoying the city.  It’s fun and natural and our clients love it.  Pier 7 can be a bit crowded, but we have found that if you wait long enough, you can usually get a good image without too many people.  Just takes a little patience.

Pier 7 Wedding Photography in San Francisco

This completes part one of our San Francisco City Hall wedding photo destination options.  We will be adding more locations next week,  please stay tuned!

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