San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer 

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

Thank you for viewing our San Francisco City Hall wedding photography website. We are one of the most experienced wedding photographers at SF City Hall with over 1000 weddings creatively photographed. The history, beauty and elegance of this affordable destination venue attracts couples from all over the world and we are honored to be a part of this! Michael Dubnoff teams up with Toni Bailey to provide you with over 30 years of combined professional wedding photography experience. Together we will take you to all of the great spots in the building. We also know the best time of the day to create your romantic pictures at each location. This knowledge will help keep you in less crowded areas and ensures the best natural light. To check our availability for your city hall marriage date, please click the contact link above and make a reservation. We want to be your San Francisco City Hall wedding photographer!

Beautiful Wedding Photography at the Best SF Venue

We have photographed weddings and receptions all over the Northern California area and beyond, but San Francisco City Hall continues to be one of our favorite venues. At certain times of the day the natural light is amazing, but even when it's not we bring in our own professional lighting equipment! To see some examples of our work, please check out our Gallery Page. For more recent wedding examples, you can view our SF City Hall Facebook page. We love shooting civil ceremonies at San Francisco City Hall and would be happy to show you even more of our bridal portfolios. We also offer an in-person consultation or phone meeting to discuss your nuptials and explain how our affordable packages work. We will work within your budget to provide you with the most inexpensive prices possible. We pride ourselves in making your special day magical and fun. Together, we will explore all 4 floors of this amazing SF building while creating beautiful images that both of you will cherish for a lifetime. To read more about our unique and creative approach, please check out our Yelp Reviews.  We have provided a few sample testimonials below:

City Hall 4th Floor North Gallery

Kevin from Manchester England - "Mike and Toni were magnificent for our city hall wedding yesterday... Funny, knowledgeable, calming, generous, hard working and above all else fantastic photographers who know all the best spots in city hall for photos... You have to book these guys!"
Genevieve from San Diego, California - Mike and Toni were professional, efficient and amazing photographers! They helped us navigate the entire process, from checking in to the actual ceremony. Mike made sure we were on time, and even convinced the judge to let us get married on the Mayor's Balcony (gorgeous!!)"
Tracy from Palo Alto, California - "I was really impressed with Mike from the outset - he was responsive and effective in answering my many questions (and I had many!) and provided us with guidance on what to expect on our special day at City Hall. His expertise/guidance proved to be VERY helpful on our actual wedding day when we were able to be married on the Mayor's Balcony. Awesome!!! ... I am so glad we hired Mike, the photos will serve as beautiful reminders of our special day."

 San Francisco Photo Tour

One of our most popular packages is our San Francisco Photo Tour. Many of our out-of-town wedding couples take advantage of this package, but it's fun for anyone! After your City Hall ceremony, we take you on a tour of the town and you can choose the spots! If you are a City newcomer, we are happy to help select your locations, just let us know what kinds of things you enjoy doing. We provide comfortable transportation (at no additional cost) and make it a fun and romantic experience for the both of you. Some of the locations we can visit include: The Palace of Fine Arts, Golden Gate Bridge, Japanese Tea Gardens, Coit Tower, Baker Beach, the Presidio, Ghirardelli Square, Crissy Field, The Botanical Gardens, and the Legion of Honor. We drive you to each location and take beautiful wedding pictures of you and also let you wander around and enjoy. Want to ride a Cable Car? We will take you to the best place to hop on San Francisco's most famous icon and get a fun shot of both of you riding. We will escort you to three of the top San Francisco landmarks if time and traffic allow, but the idea is to have fun and not rush from place to place.  This package includes 4 hours of coverage and you get to keep ALL of the photos we take.

Many of our customers ask us to expand the tour so they can discover even more quality attractions for picture opportunities. We are more than happy to do this and will take you to some of the less popular, but equally beautiful spots. Other premium picture spots are Twin Peaks, Pier 7, Fisherman's Wharf, Fort Point, North Beach, Lover's Lane, Union Square and Golden Gate Park. We have an economical city hall package for every budget. If you like the idea of incorporating the best parts of San Francisco into your wedding photos, but don't want to spend as much time, we offer The Golden Gate Package. This package offers 1 additional SF location and 2.5 hours of coverage for a lower price. You still receive all of the digital images photographed at your event, plus we include sample photos in Sepia Tone and Black & White. We also provide professional quality wedding albums and full reception coverage if needed. To see a YouTube slideshow of a recent SF tour click: Photo Tour or check out the video below!


 City Hall Ceremony Locations?

This is probably one of the most common questions that our clients ask. There are quite a few ceremony location options at San Francisco city hall and all of them are incredibly beautiful. We definitely have our favorites, but not all are available unless you are willing to pay an extra $1,000 for a private ceremony. If you look at the guidelines from the City Hall website, it's clear that your officiant actually has the right to decide where to perform your ceremony. Most of them give the choice to the couple, but limit the options to the Rotunda or the private room. It doesn't hurt to ask if it's possible to have your wedding at an alternative location, we have seen many commissioners grant our bride and groom's request. Here is a list of the most popular places to get married at city hall:

  • Rotunda - This is the default location for all standard city hall matrimonies. When you meet with your officiant before the wedding you will usually be given 2 choices for your ceremony location, either the Rotunda or the dreaded private room. Pretty much everyone chooses the Rotunda, which is located at the top of the Grand Staircase. The Rotunda is a premium place to have your ceremony and you can expect a small amount of privacy. There is no guarantee, however, that total strangers won't walk in and watch your ceremony. Some tourists even take photos!

  • Private Room - The other choice for a standard ceremony is the private room. For eloping couples who prefer privacy, this is the place to go. Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe got married in a private room at San Francisco City Hall! The room isn't particularly large so it is most appropriate for elopements. However, it does provide seats for your guests and a little bit of wedding related decor. We strongly recommend avoiding the private room on warm summer days, it can get very stuffy. We have seen no evidence that there is any type of air conditioning in the room.

  • Grand Staircase - There are a few marriage commissioners who will offer you the opportunity to have your ceremony either at the top of the Grand Staircase or on the lower landing. Although this is a gorgeous location with unique architecture, it's not the best place to get married. The staircase is frequently loaded with tourists, wedding photographers and other married couples. From a photographer's standpoint it's difficult to get good picture angles during the ceremony because of where we have to stand. However, if you love the stairs, then feel free to make it your ceremony place!

  • Mayor's Balcony - There are 2 different ways to have your ceremony on the Mayor's Balcony 1. Pay $1,000 so you can have a roped off, private ceremony with complete privacy, chairs for your guests, and plenty of room. Or 2. Pay the standard fee and see if you can talk your commissioner into performing your ceremony there! Some officiants will take you there if there are no events at the time. One of our favorite ceremony locations, the Mayor's Balcony is located on the 2nd floor directly across from the Rotunda. It can be a little dark on the balcony on a foggy or cloudy day, but we bring lights so we can still get great shots.

  • Fourth Floor Balcony - This is San Francisco City Hall's other private ceremony location. Also referred to as the Fourth Floor North Gallery, it's absolutely beautiful. Similar to the Mayor's Balcony, you pay the price of $1,000 and they rope off the entire balcony and even set up chairs for your large event. On very rare occasions you might be able to convince an officiant to perform a standard civil ceremony here. Over the course of the 200 weddings we have photographed at San Francisco City Hall, we have discovered that certain marriage commissioners are willing to move your ceremony if there is some sort of disruption occurring in the Rotunda area. The 4th floor North Gallery is breathtaking and it's just another of the amazing options available to couples getting married at San Francisco City Hall. Click on the link for more helpful hints.

  • Other Locations -  Through the years we have explored the many corridors, passageways, and rooms in this building.  For our clients that provide their own officiant, we are happy to help find a nice private location.

Fun City Hall Wedding Photography

After over 20 years in the professional wedding photography business, we have learned that the best way to create lasting memories on your wedding day is to keep it light hearted and fun. We will do everything we can to make your special day wonderful. Having your wedding pictures taken should not be a job, it should be a great experience. We accomplish this by maintaining an easy-going style and not over-posing you. We will definitely be actively involved in making sure your courthouse wedding pictures turn out creative and amazing, but we do it in a light hearted manner without pushing you into difficult poses. Most importantly, WE have a great time photographing you and it shows! The fun loving couple in the photo below is just one example of the brides and grooms we often encounter. We are looking to provide our clients with a combination of documentary style with some traditional portraits included. As we take you around San Francisco City Hall, we will talk to you and point out landmarks and other interesting facts about this historic building. We are also more than willing to receive input from you regarding your wedding photography preferences. We want to know your own style and personality so we can make sure these things show through in your final photographs. Do you like mostly candid or traditional photos? Our Brides and Grooms often let us know some of their favorite poses and locations and we are happy to accommodate them. Looking for engagement pictures with affordable pricing? This grand old building is a great place to do them, ask us for details on our prices and packages.

wedding photography Golden Gate Bridge in San FranciscoBride and Groom jumping for joy at Crissy Field in San Francisco

San Francisco City Hall Approved Vendor

Our photography studio has been added to San Francisco City Hall's approved "Featured Vendor" list. We have submitted the necessary paperwork and meet all of the insurance requirements to photograph private city hall events. Our many years of successfully photographing weddings at this popular venue has helped us to be added to this list. What does this mean for you? Just the knowledge that you have chosen a well established, quality company that you can rely on with tons of experience and credibility. We have forged professional relationships with many of City Hall's special event coordinators and often receive important information that assists us in navigating the entire matrimonial process. We specialize in photographing weddings at this premium venue, we don't just do it on the side. Last year alone (2015) we photographed 75 out of our 92 local weddings at San Francisco City Hall! 2016 is looking to be even better! Check out one of our more romantic weddings of 2015 by clicking the link.

As a SF native, I started my business right here in this town over 20 years ago. I was born here, and graduated from the University of San Francisco receiving a Masters Degree a few years later at this popular urban school. Yes, that's correct, a real live San Francisco native (and proud of it). If you choose our "San Francisco" package, my municipal knowledge will lead you to the most beautiful spots in this town and the best times to travel there for traffic and quality of light. See below for details on this popular photography package. To learn more about having your wedding at this famous venue, check out these Huffington Post city hall articles. We are a full service wedding photographer and offer our customers engagement sessions, formal bridal portraits, pre-wedding shoots, and studio photography. Your final photos will combine photojournalism and traditional posing to ensure you receive everything you need from your shoot. Our service is open to all regardless of race, creed or national origin. We are a same-sex, gay/lesbian friendly wedding photographer. If you are looking for a short cut to all of our important pages - try out our Site Map.

Top 5 Reasons to Get Married in San Francisco

Why do people from all over the world come to San Francisco to get married? There are so many reasons to visit this beautiful city, but is it really a good destination wedding locale? Yes! Let's explore some of the main factors engaged couples consider when making this all important decision.

1. Wide Variety of Reception/Event Locations - San Francisco, with it's many restaurants, clubs and hotels, offers a multitude of unique places for a wedding reception/celebration. If you love gourmet food, SF ranks as one of the best areas in the country to experience culinary delights. A fine restaurant offering your favorite food is the perfect place to invite guests to celebrate your big day. There are even a few potential reception locations that are walking distance from city hall, we are happy to provide you with recommendations for these local spots. Soluna Cafe, Jardiniere and Absinthe are some of our favorites! Many of the City's clubs and large pubs also offer fantastic wedding reception locations and are located in our historic districts Yes, some of the hotels can be rather expensive, but many offer antique charm or modern amenities at a reasonable cost - whichever you prefer.

2. Amazing Ceremony Spots - Let's start with S.F. City Hall, this old historic building may well be one of the most popular locations to get married at in San Francisco. It's economical, beautiful, and has amazing architecture to gaze at while you recite your nuptials. In addition to this landmark, you can also have your ceremony at The Palace of Fine Arts, Sea Cliff, Twin Peaks, The Legion of Honor, The Presidio, or Golden Gate Park to name just a few. If you are looking for a religious ceremony, you also have many beautiful options. The city offers everything from 100+ year old churches to modern Cathedrals. Churches such as: Saint Mary's, Saint Dominic's, St. Ignatius, Grace Cathedral, Old Saint Mary's, and Saints Peter and Paul Church are just a few of the choices available. It's no surprise that this town is a favorite elopement destination for couples from all over the world. Many couples also choose to have their engagement photos done in San Francisco.

3. So many things to do! - San Francisco is one of the top vacation destinations in all the world. It offers all of the things a big city normally does, plus it has it's own unique small town charm. Many love to venture out to Fisherman's Wharf to grab a bite to eat or take a boat trip to Alcatraz. For entertainment, San Francisco has many full sized theatres offering major plays and shows. Check out the Curran, Orpheum or Golden Gate Theatres for some of the best show entertainment available. If you are interested in history, SF has many old landmarks including City Hall, The Bank of California Building, Mission Dolores, Saint Patrick's Church, and the Palace Hotel. Eloping couples visiting from other countries love to explore places like China Town, North Beach and Japan Center. If you like sports, we have the San Francisco Giants, the 49ers and the Golden State Warriors. There is something here for everyone! One way to explore some of these spots is to book our Golden Gate Package.

4. Central Location - One of the unique things about the Bay Area is it's proximity to so many recreational locations. If you love the ocean you are just minutes away from some beautiful beaches including Baker Beach, Stinson Beach, and Pacifica. Baker Beach in particular overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge and is also one of our favorite pictures spots! A 3 hour drive puts you in Lake Tahoe where you can snow ski, gamble or just enjoy the beauty of one of the world's largest lakes (ranked 28th by volume). One of the world's most famous wine countries, the Napa Valley, is less than an hour's drive and is home to some amazing places to eat and wine taste. If you love the Redwoods, two of the world's most famous groves are within driving distance from San Francisco. Am I leaving anything out? Definitely!

5. Great Climate - Yes, it's considered good luck to have it rain on your wedding day, but the truth is most people would prefer a sunny day. San Francisco is famous for it's fog, but in general the rain is predictable. It rarely rains in Northern California from June through October, offering you many options for your ceremony location and reception. This also provides opportunities to have beautiful wedding photos to help remember your big day. Don't forget to hire a professional San Francisco city hall wedding photographer!

San Francisco City Hall Grand Staircase ImageThe Beautiful Grand Staircase at San Francisco City Hall


Marriage License to Ceremony

From the emails we receive, it becomes apparent that there exists considerable confusion regarding the entire wedding process from beginning to end at City Hall. We thought it would be useful to provide a quick guide discussing the process and also throw in a few brief suggestions to help you navigate the matrimonial process. For a more detailed description of the ceremony check-in process, click the highlighted link.

Marriage License - This appointment is for obtaining the Marriage License. Your witness does not need to be there and the document is not signed at this time (except by the bride and groom). You will need your ID's and your right hand (to raise)

Ceremony Check in - This occurs approximately 10 minutes before your scheduled wedding ceremony. You don't need your witness at this point either, nor do you need to bring your whole family into the County Clerk's office with you. This meeting is purely to have the County Clerk check your documentation for completion and to give you your ceremony number.

Officiant Meeting - When the County Clerk calls your number, it's time to go meet your city hall marriage commissioner. This occurs just minutes before your ceremony. The officiant will sit down with you and ask you questions about your ceremony preferences. NOW bring in your witness!

License Signing - At the officiant meeting (see above) the marriage license is signed by your witness. This is probably the first photo-worthy event up to this point. Again, you don't need to bring your whole family in with you. If you do bring them in, they will be asked to leave. No videography is allowed during the license signing, but feel free to take pictures.  We can serve as your witness if needed.

Ceremony - Once the license has been signed, bring your family and friends to the Rotunda or private room to watch you get married. City Hall marriage ceremonies generally take less than 5 minutes. There are no restrictions on where your guests can stand during your nuptials. The closer the better, just try not to block the wedding photographer!

Best Day to Avoid Crowds

Without a doubt the most common question we are asked is: "What is the best day of the week to get married at city hall to avoid the crowds?"  There are actually 2 parts to the answer because the time of the day also matters.  Most people would assume that Friday is the most crowded and they would be correct.  Fridays are the days with the largest amount of reserved ceremonies on the Mayor's Balcony and the 4th Floor North Gallery.  Since reserved ceremonies do not have the 6 person restriction that the standard city hall weddings have, its not uncommon to see hundreds of people milling about on Fridays.  Add the fact that there are more tourists on Fridays and you have a recipe for what we call "Crazy Friday."  Thursdays are not much better, but definitely preferred over Friday.  Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the slowest days at city hall.

As mentioned previously, the time of the day can be just as important as the day of the week.  Peak times on most days are between 12:30 and 2:30 pm.  If you can book the final ceremony of the day at 3:30 pm, City Hall will start to clear out once your ceremony is complete allowing you better access to some of the most beautiful areas like the Grand Staircase.  Early morning times also work well to avoid crowds. 

Artistic Beginnings - About Michael

I started photography at the age of 13 shortly after my father passed away and I inherited his Nikon camera. My mother, Laura Odegard is an accomplished Bay Area artist and her work inspired me to try to find my own creative talent. Looking back at all the art books I scribbled in (and ruined) as a child, I remember how disappointed I was that I couldn't draw like my mom. Getting my dad's camera was just the thing to help me find my artistic outlet. He was such a great photographer and I thought to myself that this is something I can do! Right away I started taking photos of everything around me including people. Of course many of the photos were photojournalistic in nature, but I later started learning more about posing.

Then in Junior High I made a friend named John Pugh who eventually became a very famous artist. From an artistic standpoint, John did everything well. He could draw, paint, and he was great with a camera. He introduced me to the idea of photography as art and not just a fun way to record events. I remember going over to his house one morning and he showed me his black and white photography darkroom. Once I saw the magic that occurred in that room, I was hooked for life! There was always something about people photography that particularly inspired me. Like any good photographer, I enjoyed taking vacation scenery landscape photos, but I was always more drawn to photographs of human subjects. Through High School and College, I asked girl friends to model for me so I could practice my craft. This constant practice assisted me in becoming a better picture taker, especially portrait work. For more details about your wedding photographers, Michael and Toni, please go to our "About Us" page.

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