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Asian Couple Palace of Fine Arts

We walked around with this couple at the Palace of Fine Arts getting some great shots. I realized how cute the bride looked holding up her dress and walking around so I took a candid picture of her. She was nice enough to smile for the camera. The Palace of Fine Arts is one of the favorite destinations in San Francisco for our city hall brides and grooms. It is especially favored by Asian tourists. I am told this is because the Palace is listed prevalently in the tour guides from their country. That is nice to hear because we also love taking couples here. There is so much rich and interesting history regarding the Palace of Fine Arts, it is definitely an important part of San Francisco's past. It is a major landmark in the Marina district and attracts many locals also, who just want to relax on the grass and hang out. I think the locals also enjoy watching the parade of brides and grooms marching through the grounds everyday.

Bride and groom enjoying their wedding ceremony in San Francisco

Have your Wedding Ceremony at the Palace of Fine Arts

Newly married couples continue to make sure it is a part of the present and future as well. We have not only taken our brides and groom to POFA hundreds of times, but we have actually covered marriage ceremonies here as well. It is rather expensive, but the Palace puts on a very nice ceremony that is performed under the Rotunda. Couples need to supply their own officiant and sound equipment, but the chairs and ropes are provided by San Francisco. Prices start at $5,000 and go up to $10,000 for tented events. Maximum capacity is 250 people and you are required to take care of your own garbage. One of the downsides at the time of this writing was that no restroom facilities are provided. The nearest public restroom is across the street at Crissy Field. Some people have been known to sneak into the indoor Palace of Fine Arts venue to use the bathroom, but under normal circumstances you have to pay to get in. This site will be updated if we hear about this changing. This has long been a problem at POFA and we hope they will soon fix this. Even temporary bathrooms would be welcome.

San Francisco city hall elopement picture

City Hall Elopement on the Grand Staircase