Wedding Photographer San Francisco City Hall - Bride on Bench
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Bride Resting on Bench

Why was she resting? We had just walked all the way up the giant hill from Sutro Baths where we did an amazing photo shoot of this bride and her groom. She walked pretty fast and I had one heck of a time keeping up with her. We also got some great shots at San Francisco City Hall, but I really like the natural look in this photo at the Sutro Baths Parking lot! Sutro Baths is a great place for amazing wedding photography, but the couple has to be willing to take a pretty good hike. Highly recommend walking shoes and then changing once we get down to the water. Alternatively, just keep the walking shoes on for a cute look like this one! This location allows adventuresome couples to really get out close to the water for some spectacular views. There are a few tight spots that require a little balancing act, but not too bad. We can easily avoid those areas if the bride and groom prefer.

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Enjoying the Ocean in San Francisco

If you get married in San Francisco there are a number fun places to experience the beach. I happen to love Baker Beach because it located in the mouth of the Golden Gate Bridge channel. Its a fantastic location to obtain great photos of the bridge with your bride and groom. In addition to Baker Beach, you can head up to the Sutro Baths area for a fun hike and some great backgrounds.

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