Bride checking her wedding gown train with Bouquet
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Natural Posing at San Francisco City Hall

We like to have our city hall brides pose naturally in photos sometimes. Even though the image above is an actual posed photo, we tried to make it appear more natural by having her look back at her dress and hold it as though she was adjusting it or checking the train. As you can see, it puts her in a very positive light. The curves in her figure are accentuated and her face looking down looks beautiful. You also get a good look at some of the beautiful City Hall Architecture in this shot. We took this photo from clear across the building on the other side of City Hall. We start on the 3rd floor and then shoot down to the 2nd floor. The challenge with this type of photo is communication with the bride or couple. So it is helpful that we usually have 2 photographers at each San Francisco city hall wedding. For this type of wedding photo, one of us poses the bride and the other takes the photos. If for some reason there is a misunderstanding about how to position the subjects, I can just contact my assistant by phone or text. This gives us a tremendous advantage for doing these types of remote photography shoots. We also like to use remote lighting to go along with this far away shoot. We will either backlight the bride and groom or try some different type of dramatic lighting. If the sun is coming through the city hall window, it provides natural backlight which is preferable to artificial flash.