Cupcake Bride at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
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Cupcake Bride Picture in San Francisco

We photographed this lovely bride for her San Francisco city hall wedding and then once that part of the shoot was completed, we left and escorted them tor the Palace of Fine Arts. We all loved this gorgeous wedding dress and figured it would be the perfect type of gown to do a "Cupcake Shot". We found a place on the grass with lots of wild flowers and spread out the dress to make it nice and round. It's always fun to display the wedding gown in unique ways that bring out the specific beauty and features of the dress. I am pretty sure that this bride actually requested this type of shot for her dress so I should not take too much credit. We did, however, find a nice place to do it. The green grass makes for a nice contrast and really shows the shape of the dress. In addition, the sprinkling of white created by the wildflowers also helps bring the entire photo together.

We always work closely with our newlywed couples to make sure they receive all of the photos they want, but more importantly, the types of photos they want. I also like the fact that in this particular photo, the bride appears to be enjoying looking around at all the flowers surrounding her. We tried some similar shots while at San Francisco city hall, but this one seemed to be the best because of the natural surroundings. Each location we take our newlyweds allows us to feature unique aspects of the couple and their attire. We posed this bride with her looking down as you see here, but also looking at the camera and off-camera.

Beautiful Lighting at San Francisco City Hall

The wedding picture below was taken at San Francisco city hall by the beautiful 3rd floor window. I love the way the light coming through the window enhances the bride's flowing veil. This is such a unique location in the building because of the old fashioned lights and the windows. It really gives us many options to photograph our couples after their wedding ceremony is complete. The 3rd floor is frequently one of the first places we take our newlyweds for pictures after.

Natural light wedding photography by San Francisco city hall window