Dramatic SF City Hall Wedding Photography Image
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Silhouette Wedding Images

We try at every wedding to get at least one Silhouette image assuming the light is right. There is something particularly dramatic about only seeing the outline of the couple. It definitely adds something different to a wedding portfolio of images. In this image, we placed a remotely controlled Flash unit which was controlled by a radio slave behind the couple and aimed at the bottom of the dress. Since the wedding dress is white, it acts as a reflector and lights up the background. It also caused a little bit of a glow behind the bride and groom. This is the best way to get the effect we wanted and doesn't take very long at all. Once the lighting is established, its just a matter of posing the married couple in the best possible way to make a nice silhouette. We try this with different backgrounds at city hall and hope to make each image unique and special for the bride and groom. Sometimes we get just a partial silhouette because of too much ambient light in the room, but other times (like the photo above) you can only see the outline of the couple. This makes for a very dramatic image if the wedding photographer can position the newlyweds just right. One of our favorite poses to do for these types of images is to have the couple almost kiss. That is pretty much what is happening here in this image. We asked the newly married couple to almost kiss and not pucker up too much. This added some drama to the image and the couple loved it! One of the true pleasures of San Francisco city hall wedding photography is working with our couples to get that magic image that they will treasure for a lifetime.

Gorgeous bride sitting in the 3rd floor window at SF City Hall