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Happy Couple at their San Francisco Reception

We always enjoy taking our couples to a local bar after the wedding pictures have been completed. Again, we love to do anything with our newlyweds that has a photojournalistic feel to it. With any San Francisco wedding sure there are going to be plenty of posed pictures. The challenge is to ascertain the best opportunities to gather as many candid photos as humanly possible within the time span allowed. Our couples are always excitedly cooperative in this regard because they also prefer photos that look natural. This makes it particularly gratifying to head to the nearest bar or grill and capture the bride and groom partaking in some yummy libations. We certainly don't need to encourage them to smile for these kinds of pictures. The San Francisco City Hall portion of their wedding provides us with ample opportunities to ask our couple to pose and smile. In the photo above you are witnessing the happy newlyweds toasting each other at the absinthe bar in San Francisco. This restaurant and bar is walking distance away from San Francisco City Hall. This makes it a favorite destination of many of our couples after their wedding is complete. Another significant option we frequently offer are newlyweds is to photograph them in transit to the restaurant. We just follow them as they walk towards their destination taking candid pictures along the way. We offer a small amount of direction, mostly just allowing the couple to hold hands and walk while enjoying the city. Feel free to check out the collection of other images from this particular wedding photography session to see some of those fun walking shots. We tried to tell the story of the entire wedding day from their County Clerk ceremony check-in, all the way to settling down at the bar to enjoy their celebration.