City Hall same sex ceremony posing in the Hallway in Sepia Tone
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

      Special Photo Finishing at City Hall

      The wedding image above is presented in Sepia Tone. We have a number of ways to finish photos for our SF City Hall clients when presenting our images. When we go through our proofs we select the images that we feel will work best in either Sepia tone or black and white. We often feel that documentary wedding photography is presented best in black and white. For Sepia tone selections, it's often preferred to choose far away or wide angle images. We provide a few other photo finishing techniques to our clients, they are listed below:

      • Sepia Tone
      • Black and White
      • Faded Colors
      • Torn edges
      • Cool Color balanced
      • Antique Look
      • High Contrast
      • Grainy

      Best Options for San Francisco City Hall Weddings

      As mentioned above, we try to provide different finishes for your city hall wedding photography images. We do this because we feel like this building lends itself to many different approaches. As a San Francisco city hall photographer, you sometimes may want to go with a more nostalgic look. After all, city hall was built in 1918 and still retains the old world feel that the architects intended when they designed it. At the same time, there is no reason why a photographer can't use a modern approach here as well. This old building is so diverse in its nature that it lends itself to many approaches and styles. The natural light is so amazing in some places that it is tempting to just not even care about the background, but just take a close up picture with the great light present. This, and many other reasons is what makes city hall one of the best options for San Francisco weddings. The photo below displays movement and really displays the bridal gown in a dramatic way. We had our groom spin the bride fast enough that the wedding dress would come out a little and show it's true beauty.

      Groom spinning bride to show how big the gown is