Fun San Francisco City Hall wedding images on the stairs
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
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Keeping it Fun at San Francisco City Hall

We like to mix in some fun San Francisco city hall wedding photography with our other shots for each event that we cover. Some couples want more fun stuff than others though so we also keep that in mind. In the image above, it was actually the newly married couple that suggested this particular pose. The idea was basically that the bride is dragging the groom up the stairs to get married. A fun idea and I have to admit, we used it with a future couple and it worked out just as well. I told this couple at the time that I might use this again and they gave me their permission! I credit us for finding the perfect location for it by using our knowledge of San Francisco City Hall. We could have done it on the Grand Staircase, but this location seemed more appropriate. We really enjoy working with fun couples who like to do some different types of poses. I call these "storytelling photos" because the image makes you think of some sort of activity or action. In this case, it's the bride jokingly forcing the reluctant groom to marry her. Everyone who sees the final image knows that it all in fun and not really serious. As is the case with most wedding pictures that are a bit different from normal, the idea is to not overdo it. It is a great idea to incorporate these types of images in a wedding portfolio, but they should not make up the majority of the photos. We always want to provide our couples with mostly high quality, romantic wedding images. We mix in a few special effects and then a couple of fun shots and this provide the newlyweds with a nice variety for their wedding album or scrapbook. This couple were good sports about their photos and that is what made this such an amazing wedding photography shoot. We obtain some of our best ideas from our San Francisco city hall wedding couples. We have ideas too, but are happy to listed to your suggestions regarding your own wedding photography shoot.

Ring exchange at San Francisco city hall wedding ceremony

Bride and groom exchanging rings on the Mayor's Balcony at a private reserved ceremony