Glowing Veil at a San Francisco City Hall Wedding - Photography
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
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Glowing Veil at SF City Hall - Wedding Photo

The image above was photographed close to the South Side of City Hall with lots of natural window light coming in. We placed the bride and groom in a position where the light streaming in through the window would add a glow to her veil and also some nice natural light. One of the smart reasons to hire an experienced professional city hall wedding photographer is that we know all the best places to create your lasting memories. This includes locations with the least amount of other people in the way and also the best lighting conditions. These lighting conditions change throughout the day as the sun moves from one side of the building to another. Knowledge of this timing is important to speed up the process of finding the best places to photograph the couple. This particular location at San Francisco city hall is not frequently photographed because it is NOT the Grand Staircase or 4th floor. We love to provide our clients great pictures of those 2 iconic destinations also, but it is fun to offer something different to our couples in addition to the standard shots. Some of the best natural light at City Hall comes through this window and the gold railing really add to it. Funny thing is that these railings were actually installed to protect the Handicapped ramp put in years ago at San Francisco city hall when they upgraded the building to comply with ADA standards. They made a great decision at the time to use the same styling that was already present in the rest of the building. Now they make for amazing framing of our wedding photography images. In order to display the light more prevalently we had the groom bend back the bride slightly which pulls the veil away from her body and allows it to catch the light in a dramatic way. These little adjustments can make all the difference between an ordinary wedding photo and something compelling. The most experienced San Francisco city hall wedding photographers understand where to look for the light and the best backgrounds. I usually stand on a small stool when taking this picture so couple heads will appear below the top of the railing. It's not a good look to have the rail cut through their heads and violates some professional photography standard rules.

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