Golden Gate Bridge Splash Wedding Image in San Francisco
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Golden Gate Bridge Photography - Splash Fun

There is a cute story about the photo above, which was taken at Fort Point in San Francisco. This fun loving couple really wanted to get a great shot in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. The only problem was that despite the nice looking day, it was incredibly windy and the surf was definitely up! Before we posed them close to the water I warned the couple that standing by the edge might result in them getting wet. The bride immediately replied that if a wave happened to hit it would make a great photograph. I mentioned the fact that it could drench her beautiful wedding dress, but she was undeterred! So we set them up fairly close to the water, but not right to the edge. I asked them if I should warn them if I thought I saw a rogue wave coming, but they didn't seem to care. Moments later the exact thing happened that I warned against and the couple got soaking wet. Fortunately, I was able to capture the exact moment when the water had just splashed on them, but there was some visible mist still in the air. After this occurred, The first question the dripping wet bride asked us was: "Did you get the shot?". I assured her that yes, we nailed it and they both agreed that they could hardly wait to see the photo. It has become one of my favorite action shots taken after a San Francisco city hall wedding. This all occurred at Fort Point close to the Famous Golden Gate Bridge. Sometimes the most memorable wedding photo happen by accident. Or in this case, semi-planned! They will always treasure this photo and it will remind them of the day and the fact that they had their wedding in San Francisco. Every time I take newlyweds from city hall out to Fort Point, I think about this shot. In fact, just recently we brought a couple out there and the weather was pretty much the same. Very windy and big waves. However, this time we stayed dry which was fortunate because it was winter!

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