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San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
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San Francisco City Hall Photo Tour

This nice couple came all the way from Tasmania, Australia to get married at San Francisco City Hall. It was just the 2 of them for their city hall ceremony which took place in the Mayor's Balcony on the 2nd floor overlooking the Rotunda. They reserved the entire space for their ceremony despite having no guests. This provided them with great privacy and made for a very intimate wedding ceremony. It costs $1,000 to reserve this space and you also have to hire a private officiant. We enjoyed being part of it and did what we could to make it special for them. Especially since we were their entire audience, but that made it fun for us! After the ceremony we took them on our San Francisco city hall photo tour around the building. We finished up with them posed in front of the famous City Hall Sign outside of the building at the main entrance before heading out on their San Francisco Photo tour.

Crissy Field Wedding Photography, San Francisco

We then loaded into the car and drove to the Golden Gate Bridge for a whole series of shots. We chose Crissy Field this time because it was very clear day. I like this particular photo because it looks like the groom is leading the bride to a new adventure. To me, that adventure is their new marriage and so I feel like this type of image has some symbolism which makes it more compelling. Of course, the obvious compelling part about the photo above is the beautiful background of the Golden Gate bridge with the bride and groom in front. Such a clear day for them which is fortunate. We always warn our clients before they book that the Golden Gate Bridge picture can not be guaranteed because of the presence of fog on occasion. Peak times for the most fog are the months of June through early September. It seems that the best month for practically no fog and no rain is October. A great month for weddings and one of our most popular by far. October is San Francisco's most predictable month with it's Indian Summer and no fog. Sometimes if even extends into November as long as there is no rain.

San Francisco city hall bride throws her bouquet to maid of honor