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LGBTQ San Francisco City Hall Brides

Sandra and Charlene were a great same-sex couple that we met at San Francisco City Hall to record their nuptials. They both wore white dresses which made for some great wedding photos. You could tell they were very much in love and really enjoyed the whole process of having their wedding pictures done. We liked working with them so much that we decided to put together a slideshow video and posted it on YouTube. The photo above just happened, it was all made by the couple. We were discussing basketball since one of the brides was a coach and she went into her basketball move. It was a fun moment and I was lucky enough to catch it. I also love her partners reaction to her move. It makes for an awesome memory that they will always treasure. To me, that is one of the most important aspects of San Francisco city hall wedding photography. Capturing moments and emotion is what helps create lasting memories for the brides. LGBTQ couples are no different, there are so many memories to capture at any wedding.

Grand Staircase from above at SF City Hall with Bride and Groom

Capturing Personality through Wedding Photography

Most of all, the wedding picture above captures their personalities. To me, this is one of more important challenges when it comes to successful city hall wedding photography. The day is relatively short when compared to a standard weekend wedding so you have less time with the couple. Getting to know them and talking to them about their preferences goes a long way in helping capture the type of people they are. This is what people like to see when they view their wedding pictures. I know I have had a good shoot when the couple tells me that the pictures really reflect who they are.In this case, I think it really meant that we were able to learn more about the couple and it helped bring out their personalities in the wedding pictures. In fact, I will take it a step further.... If you are unable to capture the newlyweds personalities in the wedding pictures, you have not fully done your job as their San Francisco city hall wedding photographer. To check out additional Same-Sex wedding photography galleries, please click the link.