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City Hall Weddings by Michael - Privacy Policy

SF City Hall Wedding Photographer by Michael respects your privacy and will not post photos of our clients unless we have been granted the legal right to do so by contract. Our standard contract contains a waiver covering this policy. The couples shown on these city hall weddings pages have all granted us the legal right to allow this. Any other companies or private individuals attempting to utilize, copy or reproduce our photography without our written permission are violating our client's right to privacy as well as our own copyright protections. We give each of our clients the option to not have wedding photos posted on the internet or social media. This can be done by Initialing the contract in the space provided to let us know they would prefer no posting. Couples can also feel free to cross out the part in the contract that allows public photo sharing. We only ask that the couple let us know exactly what they want (or don't want).

Personal Information Kept Private

Any personal information that our clients provide to SF City Hall Wedding Photographer by Michael including, but not limited to phone numbers, credit card info, addresses, emails, etc. will be reserved for our own use only. This information will be kept in the strictest confidence, we do not sell or provide any of your personal information to any other parties. We may contact you for future offers, but you can opt out if you don't want to receive this information. Credit card information is not handled directly by us, but instead is run through PayPal. This provides our clients with the security of a major company that specializes in this. Thus, we do not accept credit card information directly and we ask that you not send it to us directly by email or message. All contracts and written material exchanged by the couple and us will either be saved or destroyed in a safe manner.

Racial and Gender Equality

We are open to all clients regardless of race, religion or gender. This includes Same-Sex and LGBTQ couples. The information on this website is protected by national Copyright laws (2021). Any attempt to copy or reproduce images without our consent will be investigated and prosecuted. We take this very seriously and will prosecute violators to the fullest extent of the law.

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