Wedding Portfolios 

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Fun Wedding Couple at San Francisco City HallLuca and Christine's wedding at City Hallphotography tour of San Francisco

City Hall Portfolio Weddings

The City Hall weddings available to view on this page are specific events and not compilation galleries.  Some also have certain themes like our detailed description of the ceremony check-in procedure.  At this time we are featuring 3 different weddings:  Our fun wedding couple struck us as a great portfolio to feature because the couple was so energetic and happy.  The bride loved to pose for the camera and we really got some amazing shots.  Luca and Christine wanted to explore as much of San Francisco as we could in the 4 hour package that they booked.  We took them to Russian Hill, The Palace of Fine Arts and the Golden Gate Bridge and had a great time at each location.  We really try to make the San Francisco Tour Package a complete experience and not just a wedding photo shoot.  We enjoy taking people on this tour and this positive attitude reflects in our work.  This page is new and we will be adding more weddings as we go.