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Serious Wedding Photography

Sometimes good wedding photography also means catching more serious or thoughtful moments on camera. This thoughtful bride image shows the serious side of Wedding Photography. Obviously everyone loves the images that show joy, laughter and emotion. But occasionally it helps to tell the story of the day when you can actually show thoughtful moments or something more serious. To be honest, I don't even remember what was going on at the time of this photo. I DO know that it was not a pose. We were in between stops on our San Francisco city hall photo tour and I just saw her looking at the view from the 3rd floor. I decided that it would print nicely in Sepia Tone, but it actually looks excellent in Black and White as well. As many of you have read through my past postings, catching moments is what successful city hall wedding photography is all about. Even moments such as this which are more thoughtful and serious. We think images like this round out a wedding album nicely but overall, we want your images to be joyful and fun!

My shooting partner Toni Bailey walking with her camera equipment at city hall

Toni, my long time City Hall shooting partner. We have photographed 600 weddings together