wedding photography at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer
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Golden Gate Bridge Wedding Photography

We took this couple to Crissy Field because they wanted a nice wedding photo in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a picture perfect day with ideal weather and very clear. We like this angle to the bridge if it is not too late in the afternoon because you still get some sun on the bridge. Over the years we have discovered that the Golden Gate Bridge looks much better if there is sun on it. If it happens to be foggy outside or if the sun is positioned incorrectly, the color can look drab. The golden California sun did it's job here and really enhanced this image. We also were lucky to have an athletic couple who could actually jump pretty high for our picture. The Crissy field location is one of our favorites for photographing our couples in front of the Golden Gate bridge. The only slight issue is that you do not see all of the bridge from certain angles.

Crissy Field wedding photography after SF City Hall

Another look at the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge with our Couple

SF City Hall Newlyweds Jumping

For this photo we put them up on a little mound by the water and took a series of wonderful shots of them posing in front of the bridge. We ended the shoot with a jumping shot. I got down low so I could get the angle seen here. I was hoping that they would get enough height to be above the bridge. I also must admit, that this image does have some Photoshop work, but not for the jumping part of it. There is a building that can sometime come into play from this angle, so I removed it. The result was perfect and made for a fun wedding picture! A wonderful ending to our San Francisco City hall photoshoot. Great job by this city hall bride and groom! Did they really jump over the Golden Gate Bridge? The only thing that matters is that it looks like it!

Crissy Fields is Great for Wedding Photography

As you can see, we have also included a few other Golden Gate bridge wedding photos that were taken at Crissy Field. It really is a great location to take our brides and grooms after their San Francisco city hall wedding photography is complete. There are many other nice photography approaches to the famous Golden Gate Bridge, but Crissy Field offers so many great angles that it has become our preferred destination to take our newlyweds. The hillside you see in all of these pictures is always covered in grass and there rarely any other people in the way. It can be a bit tougher in the winter if there have been recent rains due to wet grass.

Crissy Field Wedding Photography with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background

Taking a walk up on the hill above Crissy Field in San Francisco