wedding photography at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
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Golden Gate Bridge Wedding

We took this couple to Crissy Field because they wanted a nice photo in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was a picture perfect day with ideal weather and very clear.  We like this angle to the bridge if it not too late in the afternoon because you still get some sun on the bridge.  Over the years we have discovered that the Golden Gate Bridge looks much better if there is sun on it.  If happens to be foggy outside or if the sun is positioned incorrectly, the color can look drab.

For this photo we put them up on a little mound by the water and took a series of wonderful shots of them posing in front of the bridge.  We ended the shoot with a jumping shot.  I got down low so I could get the angle seen here.  I was  hoping that they would get enough height to be above the bridge.  The result was perfect! Great job by this city hall bride and groom!