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Best Selective Focus Image

At times it can be effective to create a wedding image using "selective focus". Selective focus means aiming the camera at the main subject and setting the camera controls in such a way that the background is softer or even slightly blurry. In this particular image we wanted to emphasize the best possible bridal pose and then have the groom be a bystander. Although this image doesn't show as much blur it still illustrates the point. We want the eye of the of the reader to go directly to the bride and focus on what she is doing. In this case, she is looking at her flowers. The groom stands in the background and looks on and is placed slightly out of focus. Sometimes we would blur the background even more. It just depends upon the subject matter and how we feel the overall shot looks. San Francisco city hall gives us plenty of opportunities to obtain these types of wedding photography images. We just have to choose from the many backgrounds available to us.