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Christmas Time At City Hall in San Francisco

We really enjoyed our Christmas city hall wedding with this couple. The photo above was taken adjacent to the the third floor window and we put the bride into a casual pose. She was a natural model and very easy to give directions to. Also her unique wedding dress made it fun to try different poses with her legs bent which accentuated the dress even more. As City Hall wedding photographers we always try to come up with styles that match the bride's attire. This wedding occurred during Christmas time and we took quite a few pictures in front of the big tree that was placed in the great rotunda. The couple followed us around the building after their City Hall ceremony for additional photos. We took them to all 4 floors of City Hall and made sure that we showed plenty of Christmas decorations in the background. The whole point to getting married during the Christmas season is to make sure that the wedding photos reflect what season it is. I feel like we did a very nice job at this particular wedding showing those kinds of things. After we were done at City Hall the couple also wanted to go to a couple of locations in San Francisco so we drove them in our car did a very nice photo session with them at 2 iconic destinations. The Grand Staircase at San Francisco City Hall is a great place for a kiss. Our happy newlyweds sat down for a rest right on the stairs. As long as they were there, we decided to take a few nice photos of them. We positioned the bride so she was partially sitting on the groom's lap and then ask them to interact for a while. They laughed, giggled, and eventually kissed. Sometimes the best wedding images result from letting the couple do their thing and not giving them too much instruction. That certainly seemed to be the case in this situation. Adding to the fun, was the fact that it was Christmas time at SF City Hall. As we took them around building for their photo tour we made sure to include some of the Christmas decorations in the background. December is always a great place to be getting married at this beautiful iconic landmark.