Newlyweds Walking out of San Francisco City Hall Celebrating
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Walking Out of San Francisco City Hall

There are many different ways to photograph the couple leaving San Francisco City Hall through the main entrance. I have my preferences as well, but this particular photo is one of my favorites. It actually shows the bride and groom walking out of the building in triumph, excited about their new life together. It's a fairly easy photo to set up. We just ask the couple to wait inside the building until we are ready and then they come walking out and cheer. It makes for a very natural photo and it portrays movement which is always a great thing when you are doing still wedding photography. This photo can be challenging to pull it off during certain times of the year. It largely depends on where the sun is and what time of the day you take the photo. Obviously, the happy couple will be walking from dark into the light so it's just important to make sure your camera is set up for that change. Another good reason to hire a professional City Hall wedding photographer. Any of us will be able to handle this type of action shot and provide the newlyweds with a great memory for their wedding album.